World Turtle Day

World Turtle Day May 23, 2015

It is World Turtle Day!

Okay, I’m not exactly sure what to do, beyond hugging a turtle. But, fortunately, others do. Here are some hints at other opportunities that might prove more useful…

"Great post James. Thank you for it."

Enlightenment, Endarkenment, Zen
"I KNEW it was a Joan Sutherland phrase! Sounds just like something she'd come up ..."

Enlightenment, Endarkenment, Zen
"Wow. Fabulous. The real thing. Bows."

Enlightenment, Endarkenment, Zen
""Sit down. Shut up. Pay attention." Pay attention to what? To "paying attention," I assume."

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  • Cushing

    Truly an important day, since we have it on good authority that the earth is supported by a turtle which in turn is supported by another turtle and that although no one knows the turtle total it’s definitely turtles all the way down.