Announcing a Day Long Zen Meditation Retreat in Orange County on the 19th of August

Announcing a Day Long Zen Meditation Retreat in Orange County on the 19th of August July 30, 2017

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A Zen Retreat in Orange County

Join us for a

Zen Meditation Intensive

19 August, 2017

led by James Ishmael Ford, Osho & Gesshin Greenwood, Osho

This event is sponsored by our Boundless Way Zen West community & the Orange Coast Unitarian Universalist Church.

This meditation retreat consists almost entirely of zazen in twenty-five minute sessions broken with five to seven minute kinhin (slow follow-the-leader walking meditation). There will be a liturgy in the morning. There will be a dharma talk in the afternoon. Also in both the morning and afternoon during meditation there will be opportunities to meet with a teacher in brief private interviews (dokusan). We will have a one hour lunch break (brown bag or there are fast food restaurants in the area, although we discourage leaving campus during the break) We will end a few minutes ahead of five as we must clean up and be gone before six.

Saturday the 19th of August
from 9am (promptly) to 5pm
(with a one hour brown bag lunch break).

Our retreat leaders are:

James Ford, the guiding teacher of Blue Cliff Zen is an ordained Soto Zen priest and a founding teacher of Boundless Way Zen. James is the author of four books on Zen. His fifth book Introduction to the Zen Koan: Learning the Language of Dragons is due out from Wisdom Publications in September of 2018. James blogs as Monkey Mind.
Gesshin Greenwood is an ordained Soto Zen priest and the author of the forthcoming book Bow First, Ask Questions Later: Reluctant Wisdom on Ordination, Love, and Zen Training in Japan, due out from Wisdom Publications in May of 2018.
Gesshin blogs as That’s So Zen.

We will also be assisted by Boundless Way senior Dharma teacher Jan Seymour-Ford.

Our retreat will meet at the Orange Coast Unitarian Universalist Church
845 Mesa Verde Drive E, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

We will gratefully accept free-will donations to help defray the costs to the church.

To register or for more information write us at

(and, for those concerned, despite what the picture implies, there will not be a kyosaku at this retreat…)

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