I believe Christine Blasey Ford.

I believe Christine Blasey Ford. September 18, 2018

I’ve been reluctant to state my views on the recent allegations of attempted rape by Brett Kavanaugh when in High School.

I’m particularly concerned that Judge Kavanaugh not be confirmed because of his obvious commitment to overturning Roe coupled with his apparent near imperial view of the person of a sitting president. But, I am also committed to as best I can never being complicit in joining in a false accusation to support my cause, whatever that cause might be. I felt the truth should come out in its own good time. And, I’ve remained silent on this subject.

However, as the facts have become as clear as they’re likely to be, many women have been calling for men of good will to speak out on this issue. Many. So, I will.

From everything I’ve read to date, I have to work from the assumption that Professor Christine Blasey Ford (no relation that I’m aware of) has acted with reluctance and restraint. And that her charge is made in spite of knowing there would be a fierce blowback against her personally, but because she thinks an attempted rapist should not sit on the Republic’s highest court.

A brief survey of right wing sources show that blowback is going on full force. She’s already been confused with another Professor Ford and accused of being a political activist with a clear agenda for a false accusation. Additionally, people have dredged up a connection where her parents were in a losing lawsuit presided over the judge’s mother when she was a sitting judge as some sort of evidence of a grudge sufficient to trigger a false accusation. Basically, the smear campaign is in full force.

As regards Judge Kavanaugh, others have asserted this was merely a youthful indiscretion. But in a notorious decision regarding access to an abortion for an undocumented minor, the judge himself has asserted a seventeen year old should be held accountable. Interestingly, seventeen was his age at the time of the assault. I think there should be room for mercy and especially redemption. And, some actions have consequences that will follow one for a whole life, and doubly so when repentance is not on offer. Murder, for instance. Or, attempted murder. Rape is another. Or, attempted rape.

There is no criminal consequence at hand, the events fall beyond the statute of limitations. This charge will settle into a she said, he said. And people are likely to fall into line with their political leanings here. On Monday when both are scheduled to speak in open hearings, Republicans and other conservatives will more likely than not find the judge convincing. And, I’m moderately confident Democrats and other progressives will find the professor more convincing.

This is my view. As best we can, we need to set aside the immediate political consequences and focus in on whether Brett Kavanaugh attempted to rape Christine Blasey Ford. And who to believe? Just that. Knowing people do lie, women and men. And knowing that women suffer unwanted advances and assault all too often. So often I find I must begin with the assumption that when a woman makes such a claim, it is more likely true than not.

Based on everything that is available to us at this time, I believe Christine Blasey Ford.

I believe Christine Blasey Ford.

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