Return to Unity

Return to Unity April 14, 2014

Word on the street is, there’s a new girl in town.
Let’s find out what she’s like and then lay it all down for her;
From the way she dresses, to how she speaks and sounds,
She needs to know that there’s only one way to get around:
Don’t be yourself, be like me.

I know you’ve got your own hopes and dreams,
But you’ve gotta do things Islamically.
What do you mean, you want to be free?
Don’t be yourself, be more like me.

What difference of opinion, Hanafi or Maaliki?
Quit the lame excuses, just be more like me.
I don’t get why people don’t see things more naturally.
All this variation, it makes us lose our true beauty: conformity.

Asian or African- you’ve gotta be kidding me.
Don’t try to pass off what you do as encouraging “diversity.”
Don’t hide behind these labels to influence society.
Don’t push these customs forward and make us lose our normalcy.
Don’t think we’ll progress, while lacking uniformity.

Don’t be yourself- be more like me.
Straight black abayas, Arabic only.
What’s this, bro? Where’d you put your kufi?
I don’t think you really get it- be like me, be like me.

But wait, hold up- something’s jogging my memory.
I will increase you, I will increase you, I will increase you.
Just show a little gratitude.

From different cultures, to races, to ethnicities, there’s a multitude of
People in this world, seeking God through forms of servitude that
May not seem conventional if you haven’t got that attitude of
Seeing things the way Allah Himself declared through absolutely priceless words
That tell us how He brought together hearts as cold as ice
And even saved us from the fire that we’d pay whatever price we could
To escape, by holding onto His rope- such meaningful advice
For an ummah that’s losing sight of
How to hold off on the judgments, chill out, and just be nice.

It’s ’cause we’ve forgotten where we came from:
A circle of companions better than the scum
That sold their people as slaves for being dark, and just to get some
Money to escape this world through womanizing and drinking rum.

A warner was sent to them, followed by supporters that
Belonged to different tribes and even gave their lives as martyrs
Without caring about their colors or backgrounds, just following holy orders.
Living and dying for a cause so great, it surpasses all borders.

Led by a man who knew what it meant to be just:
Forget about where someone’s from, as long as you can trust
That they’re loyal to the One who created us from dust,
And made our languages and colors a sign for all of us.

Taught by the greatest human being in all of history-
Forget what I said, man, don’t be like me.
Be like him- salAllahu ‘alaihi wa sallam- the perfect symbol of unity.

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