I Can’t Say #MeToo, and That’s Part of the Problem

Written by Anonymous It breaks my heart to see this new hashtag taking over the internet. It’s like every woman has taken her bandage off to expose an open wound. It’s impossible to ignore, yet I know that for her, ignoring it was never an option. Women carry the pain of these wounds with them throughout their lives. Some start to heal a bit, if they are left alone. Others are cut open again and again until, eventually, they cease… Read more

What We Don’t Remember When Talking About Khadijah

Pretty much every Muslim girl grows up hearing about the first wife of Prophet Muhammad (saws). She was one of my first role models. Khadijah (may Allah be pleased with her) was rich yet humble, beautiful yet modest, and high-class yet empathetic. She truly was an ideal woman. True Love Most of us desire a love story like the one between the Prophet (saws) and Khadijah. Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her), the youngest wife of the Prophet (saws),… Read more

What to Do If Your Child Has Converted to Islam

Written by Kaya Gravitter When your child converts to a new religion, it is a complete life change and may come as a total shock to you. Here is some friendly advice that I have never read about before, and I think this would be very beneficial to parents who are trying to cope with their child converting to Islam. This might also be helpful for any person whose child has converted to a new religion, including Muslim parents. Don’t Tell Them They… Read more

Stop Blaming Women for the Muslim Marriage Crisis

Written by Jasmin Ali I’m not sorry; it must be said… In the Muslim community, we have a marriage crisis to say the least, and for some odd reason, the blame is always placed on women. We are too old, too fat, too skinny, too successful, too tall (what the…?), too dark, too ‘something’…But I’m here to say, this is absolutely ridiculous. We need to change our language around marriage and keep in mind that there are two people to… Read more

4 Questions I’m Sick of Hearing As a Muslim Convert

Written by Kaya Gravitter I often get asked questions about my religion and my choice of dress. I also get asked many questions about why I converted to Islam. However, there are some questions in particular that I’m tired of being asked, and I know many Muslim converts who feel the same way. (I am sharing my personal experience and/or that which some other converts have told me about. I do not speak on behalf of all Muslim converts.) 1. “How does your… Read more

“Dear Muslim Youth…” | Letters to the Ummah

Dear Muslim youth, You are going through some of the toughest years of your lives right now. I am not many years past your age, so I vividly remember the struggles and want to acknowledge them. Things can get confusing. School, friends, crushes, temptations, family, mental health, and self-esteem issues… I know it can get overwhelming at times. You might feel like nobody understands you, but that’s not true. All of us have been there to some extent, although some… Read more

I Wear a Headscarf & I’m Judged for it Even in the Muslim Community

From time to time, a non-Muslim will ask me if I have been wearing the hijab for most of my life. When I answer that I started wearing it at the age of 20 without telling my parents, and that my mother does not wear the hijab, I see their eyes widen in surprise. My response sparks some curiosity in them; it makes them re-evaluate the stereotypes fed to them by the media. And while it’s great that sharing just… Read more

5 Ways You Can Use Technology to Boost Your Faith

Technology is notorious for its tendency to make people feel insecure, depressed, and disconnected from nature. Most of the time when I go out now, I notice that nearly everyone is staring at their smartphones. (If I’m not doing so myself!) This can affect our connection with one another as well as with God. However, technology can also be a valuable tool in increasing our iman (faith). Here are some ways in which that can be done: 1. Qur’an Websites… Read more

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