Death’s Dream Kingdom (Clickworks Press, 2015), author. The year is 1874, and Marie Redglass, a young Londoner, has been turned into a vampire. Torn between her former life and loves, her Catholic faith, and her new nature as a predator, she must learn to master her powers and navigate the underworld of vampire politics, all while a storm is brewing among London’s undead.

Wells of Night (Clickworks Press, 2017) author. A collection of poems about warring loves, homoeroticism, faith, suffering, and magic.

Christ’s Body, Christ’s Wounds: Staying Catholic When You’ve Been Hurt In the Church (Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2018), contributing author. A collection of poems and essays about Catholics who have been wounded by fellow believers or by institutional authorities, and their experience of clinging to Christ’s presence in the Church.