31 Jan. Septuagesima Sunday
2 Feb. Candlemas, or the Presentation
3. St Blaise (?-316), Bishop and Martyr
4. St Gilbert of Sempringham (c. 1085-1190), Religious
5. St Agatha (c. 231-c. 251), Virgin and Martyr
6. St Paulo Miki (c. 1562-1597) and Companions, Martyrs

7. Sexagesima Sunday
10. St Scholastica (c. 480-543), Virgin

14. Shrove Sunday (Quinquagesima Sunday)


17. Ash Wednesday [fasting and abstinence obligatory] 19. Friday in Lent [abstinence obligatory]

21. First Sunday in Lent
22. Solemnity of the Chair of Peter
23. St Polycarp (), Bishop and Martyr
24. Ember Wednesday in Lent [fasting and abstinence commended] 26. Ember Friday in Lent [abstinence obligatory, fasting commended] 27. Ember Saturday in Lent [fasting and abstinence commended]

28. Second Sunday in Lent
1 Mar. St David of Wales (c. 500-c. 589), Bishop
3. St Katharine Drexel (1858-1955), Virgin
5. Friday in Lent [abstinence obligatory]

7. Third Sunday in Lent
12. Friday in Lent [abstinence obligatory]

14. Lætare Sunday (Fourth Sunday in Lent)
17. St Patrick (?-c. 493), Bishop
18. St Cyril of Jerusalem (313-386), Bishop and Doctor
19. Solemnity of St Joseph [abstinence dispensed]

21. Passion Sunday (Fifth Sunday in Lent)
25. Solemnity of the Annunciation
26. Friday in Lent [abstinence obligatory]

28. Palm Sunday