There have been many different titles for the work I have done – Educator, Writer, Editor, Administrator – but the one that has applied to me from birth is that of Catholic. With rare exceptions, I am in a pew on Sunday trying to be attentive and prayerful. My mind wanders a lot, and not just to problems or plans, but also to what I would like to say about things I hear in the homily or the readings. Thus the name “Musings from the Pew.”

So here is my chance. This column will be about life as a Catholic and the challenges we face. I have been a pro-life activist for many years, so life issues as related to the Church will be mentioned from time to time. I have also traveled to a lot of parishes, so I want to share what I have seen or experienced with other Catholics in a different setting. Call it “The Wandering Pew” within “Musings from the Pew.”

My blogs will not be theological treatises but the observations and suggestions of an active, answer-seeking mind. I find great joy in the Catholic faith and want to defend the Church so that others may find that joy.