Helpful Ideas and Practices

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Helpful Ideas & Practices

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My Practices of Social Engagement (so far)


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My Practices of Engagement (so far…)

This is an ever-morphing list of practices I am trying out. The goal is establishing a sustainable overall practice of social engagement with the world – including increasing my awareness, maintaining my strength, choosing what to do, and taking action. I put them here in part to remind myself of them!

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Increasing Awareness

  • Maintain a healthy media diet; consume enough to educate yourself, arouse your compassion, inform your conscience, and fuel your determination. Don’t consume so much that you feel frantic, overwhelmed, discouraged, or depressed.
  • Recognize the value of the simple act of witnessing; even if it’s not obvious how or whether you can help, it is an act of compassion to look and listen, refuse to turn away, and allow the cries of the world to impact you. It can increase your willingness and stamina if you give yourself credit for the compassionate act of witnessing, and think of the intangible benefits it has in the world.

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Staying on Track

  • Identify a narrative that gives your life meaning and direction, and then do things that help you remember, connect with, and further develop that narrative. Humans need stories to function at their best; although the stories have no inherent, enduring self-nature, they are not “just” stories.
  • Connect with other like-minded people. You are deeply influenced by the people around you; if you spend time with people who are working to understand the problems in the world and create positive change, you are much more likely to do the same.

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Maintaining Strength

  • Regularly recall and nourish your active hope; imagine the future you would like to see and connect with your intention to help bring it about regardless of what obstacles you may face.

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