December 12, 2022

  If I told you that going to church for Christmas would be the weirdest tradition I had ever experienced, you would probably call me crazy. But I should make it more specific. Going to church for Christmas is not crazy. Going to church at 11:30 pm on Christmas eve to midnight mass like millions across the globe is not crazy. Going to church on Christmas morning is not crazy, either. But going to church at 3 am on Christmas... Read more

December 3, 2022

Growing up, my parents spent a week in December writing and addressing Christmas cards. My dad usually went to the card store and brought back boxes of cards. Then, my mother would have her address book ready. My mother has had an enormous address book/diary for as long as I can remember. She updates it every single year and guards it like treasure. They would usually sit at the dining table after dinner and spend a few hours handwriting Christmas... Read more

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