Trump Rejects Need to Ask God for Forgiveness – A Disturbing Notion for This Catholic

Trump Rejects Need to Ask God for Forgiveness – A Disturbing Notion for This Catholic January 18, 2016


By Stephen Ryan

In an interview with Jack Trapper on CNN  Trump said:

“I have a great relationship with God, a very great relationship”.

“A great relationship” with God, Trump says.  As soon as I heard this it didn’t sound right to me. I could not put my finger on it right away. Then it hit me. Trump sounded  like  a bit character in a cable TV crime drama forced to answer uncomfortable questions  from the police about a  neighbor he did not know very well. Perhaps a neighbor, he had had some trouble with in the past.

Police:  “Mr. Trump, your neighbor,  goes by the name of God, I think you know Him, how is your relationship with Him?”

Trump: “A great relationship, officer, a very great relationship.”

Really? A great relationship? I have no idea what that really means, but forget that for a moment,  what really disturbed me in the CNN interview was Trump’s rejection of the need to ask God for forgiveness. I do not see how it is possible to have a “relationship” with the God almighty and never seek forgiveness.

Pope Francis frequently tells the world “We are all sinners.” He does not say we are all sinners except Donald Trump. The Pope himself goes to confession.

In the  interview, Trump said that he does not regret never asking God for forgiveness. Trump said  he says he doesn’t have much to apologize for. This is a stunning statement, troubling really.

Trump said:

“I like to be good. I don’t like to have to ask for forgiveness. And I am good. I don’t do a lot of things that are bad. I try to do nothing that is bad.”

Not only did Trump reject the need to ask God for forgiveness Trump has also once referred to communion as “my little wine and my little cracker,”.

Trump attended Catholic school growing up. He is a very smart guy, and so he should know better than to make light of holy sacraments.

Trump makes fun of the Eucharist. He is above sin and so rejects the sacrament of confession. He has been married three times so his position on the sacrament of marriage is self-evident.

Trump does not sound like a man who respects the Catholic faith at all – in fact he makes fun of it.

Trump and God are Buddies – is this  good enough for Catholics?  Not this one.

What Trump won’t admit to the world,  I have to believe, is  that somewhere deep in his soul, he will want a priest in his final days.

Donald Trump  has rejected the Catholic sacraments that are inconvenient to his lifestyle, but when the time comes he will want to take part in the last rite.  I am sure of it. Or as Trump might say “Come on,  are you kidding me?”

Trump has “Death bed confessor” written all over him. And so when that day comes you better believe Trump will be seeking more than a “great relationship” with his Creator, he will be seeking forgiveness.





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