Patrick Coffin, Micheal Voris, Leading Anti-Medjugorje Skeptics Push Back Hard on Positive Vatican Findings on Authenticity of Early Apparitions – Issue Fake News Reports – Refuse to Discuss with Mystic Post

Patrick Coffin, Micheal Voris, Leading Anti-Medjugorje Skeptics Push Back Hard on Positive Vatican Findings on Authenticity of Early Apparitions – Issue Fake News Reports – Refuse to Discuss with Mystic Post June 6, 2017

Lately, anti-Medjugorje propagandists are pushing back hard against the  Vatican commissions finding that the early apparitions at Medjugorje were “Supernatural in nature”. The motivations by these Catholic pundits  to contradict the Vatican investigation that took five years to complete is unclear.

It is abundantly clear to the skeptics that the Vatican concluded that the early apparitons were authentic  in nature. Andrea Torniell, one on the most respected Vatican insiders was given the committees’s  report and here are the conclusions of the Ruini report:

The document Pope Francis appreciates: positive on the first appearances, much less on the present, proposes to turn the church into a pontifical sanctuary. The doubts of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith that discussed the phenomenon in 2016
Published on 16/05/2017
Thirteen votes favoring the recognition of the supernaturality of the first 7 appearances in Medjugorje, a vote against and a suspensive vote. The majority of suspicious votes and many doubts about the continuation of the apparition phenomenon from the end of 1981 to today. This is the end result of the work of the commission on Medjugorje established in 2010 by Benedict XVI and chaired by Cardinal Camillo Ruini. A document to which Pope Francis referred in the dialogue with journalists on the return flight from Fatima when he revealed the distinction between the first apparitions and the next phenomenon and said: “A commission of good theologians, bishops, cardinals. Bravo, good, good. The Ruini report is very, very good. ”

Despite the clear positive finding, Medjugorje skeptic Patrick Coffin felt the need to contradict  the 17 experts and the five years of investigation  .. Keep in mind this video was published on the day the findings of the Vatican commission were reported in La Stampa. Mr. Coffin hosts a  Catholic radio show in America, Catholic Answers Live (380+ stations, Sirius Satellite radio, and listeners worldwide) and the podcast Catholic Answers Focus.

Mr. Coffin is aware of the Vatican’s  conclusion on the supernatural nature of Medjugorje yet publishes a  fake news report omitting the single most important aspect of the Vatican’s investigation.


Church Militant, Michael Voris Publishing More Fake News on Medjugorje – Rejects Vatican Commission’s Finding of Authenticity of Early Events

Today I reached out to Christine Niles, Executive Producer, News for asking her if Church Militant would comment on news reports that the Vatican commission to investigate Medjugorje voted overwhelmingly to designate the first seven apparitions at Medjugorje as “supernatural” in nature. Major Catholic Media have been actively reporting the startling findings of the Ruini commission.
I reached out to Church Militant because they are an influential voice for many Catholics and they have also been one of the most vocal critics of Medjugorje particularly here in America.


See Church Militant video here
Church Militant eagerly reported Pope Francis’s negative comments the Holy See made on his plane returning from Fatima. On the plane Pope Francis expressed his doubts about the apparitions making references that the Virgin Mary does not run a “Post Office” who sends messages when and wherever she pleases.

But after confronting Ms Niles about the positive comments made by the special Vatican commission, she said she rejected the report’s positive findings and did not much care what the Vatican had to say because Medjugorje was false. Keep in mind Ms. Niles is the “News Director” for Church Militant. She offered her personal views on the matter saying:
There are too many doctrinal, spiritual and moral problems with Medjugorje for me ever to accept that it’s Our Lady. All the Franciscans who served as spiritual advisors have been expelled from the diocese for disobedience. One of them who served as spiritual director was defrocked for sexual misconduct, and now runs a New Age center — which he admitted he’d been a part of since 2002, when he was still spiritual director to the seers.The disobedience, the sexual misconduct, the lives of the seers, the banality and doctrinal problems with the messages, the thousands upon thousands upon thousands of so-called messages — none of this rings true at all to common sense.
I tried to stress to Ms. Niles that all these matters were taken into account by the Ruini Commission yet they concluded that the early apparitions were “authentic” and indeed supernatural in nature. I also pointed out that the commission did not rule that ongoing “apparitions” were not supernatural. They just expressed doubts. Nothing negative has been said of the Visionaries. In fact they have been recognized by the commission as people of normal and good character.
Ms. Niles’ views towards the visionaries are in direct conflict with the Medjugorje commission’s own findings. The commission members interviewed the visionaries and spent five years investigating everything, yet Ms. Niles dismisses the report and clings to her own views, bias views which seem to have been simply constructed from old cliches that have circulated around the internet for years.
I requested that Mystic Post and Church Militant talk about Medjugorje in dept because it is an important subject for millions of people around the world.
Ms. Niles’ response: “We’re not (Church Militant) interested in continuing any discussion on Medjugorje.”
Church Militant may not want to discuss Medjugorje but clearly they are happy to share their negative views on the matter.
Mr. Voris, if you would like to have a serious discussion about Medjugorje please contact Mystic Post.

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