Do you have questions about the cross?

Do you have questions about the cross? April 2, 2015


Tony Jones (a figure in the church who, like myself, has both fans and detractors) has written what I believe to be his best book to date: Did God Kill Jesus? Searching for Love in History’s Most Famous Execution. <—Click on the link to read both a sample chapter, and what some folks are saying about this amazing book.

Here’s my endorsement:

“This important, smart, readable, and ultimately beautiful book allows this generation to re-claim the cross as the place of God’s deepest love rather than the place of our deepest shame. Jones unlocks the chains of fear and shame that bind so much of Christianity and offers us instead, freedom. I am so grateful for this important book. I will honestly be referring people to Did God Kill Jesus? for decades to come. It’s that important. If I had this book in seminary, several of my classes would have made a lot more sense.”

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