Sincere Apologies

Sincere Apologies April 9, 2015

A few minutes ago, I (Matthew, Nadia’s husband) attempted to disable further comments to Nadia’s blog post from April 2, , “Do you have questions about the cross?”, which is Nadia’s comments about Tony Jones’ new book “Did God Kill Jesus?”. Unfortunately when I disabled the comments they all disappeared. I absolutely did not intend that those comments would be deleted ~ only that no more comments would be permitted. Please accept my sincere apologies. Unfortunately, it seems that I don’t know how to do what I intended to do.

Below is the text that I intended to leave as a final comment in the comments thread that had been written in response to that post.

If you would like to see the comments, the archive (and continued conversation) is here.

Please accept my apologies, and understand (as you can see below) that this was my mistake, and that Nadia did not have anything to do with those comments’ deletion.

Peace be with you.

~ matthew


I recently received notice that the comments here, in response to this note Nadia has written about a new book, have gotten quite numerous and by some accounts somewhat aggressive. Further, (having briefly glanced at only a handful of comments, I see that) there are some false assumptions being made here as well as some inappropriate ad hominem attacks. 

I will, therefore, be disabling comments for this post.

Please know that Nadia has not read any of these comments and does not know what’s been said here. In response to the advice given to her by her Bishop, her Spiritual Director, and her husband (me), Nadia makes it a policy to not read any comments on her blog or on her Facebook page.

However, the comments are occasionally reviewed (but not shared with her) by people who love her, and in this case I have made the decision that there has been enough opportunity for folks to weigh in. None of the comments, thus far, have been deleted by me or by Nadia. If any have been deleted, that has been done by someone other than this household and unbeknownst to me. Further, it is not my intention to delete any of the comments posted here … however, as this is my first time administering a Patheos blog, if I accidentally do so, please forgive me.

Peace be with you.

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