guest cartoon by brad shorr

guest cartoon by brad shorr December 6, 2006

this cartoon was sent to me by brad shorr over at funny business. he thought i’d like it, and he was right! check them out. other sites that have cartoons that i enjoy checking out are hugh macleod’s gapingvoid, blaugh, matt glover over at chewing pencils, and andre jordan’s over at a beautiful revolution. even though they are not, for the most part, religious, and even though to some of you, be warned, some of them may be offensive, they all inspire me.

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  • Fred

    Who brought the tartar sauce?

  • my question is, where’s the salt, vinegar and ketchup?

  • Jacquelyn

    Yes, where is the vinegar, the fries and where is the newspaper to hold it all in?

  • Entirely appropriate considering the lectional reading I am preaching from tonight! Matt 15:29-37. I’m tempted to bring this to the service!


  • go for it

  • Nicole

    Thanks for the links – more things to read while I procrastinate!