old cartoon revisited: no words

old cartoon revisited: no words February 16, 2009


This is an old cartoon I did a year ago. It’s one of my personal favorites. Even though I do simple black and white drawing with a basic black pen and sometimes some color, this captures for me how I’m feeling lately. Sometimes I just feel like I’m at the mercy. Fear and tears. But at the same time I feel there is a sympathy, an understanding, a compassion at work.

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  • Jana


  • Luke

    What an excellent story that tells.

  • rebecca

    This is me and those I am closest to in our church. There are about three people who can sit there with me while I cry it all out, and then maybe or maybe not talk about why. Sometimes only God is there to hear.

  • Mich

    good one. Feeling the same these days. Glad to at least see the days getting a little longer. Spring can’t come fast enough for this little blue duck.

  • Thanks for posting this again. Gets me every time.

  • Wonderful piece of art

  • I saved this one off when it originally appeared and refer back to it from time to time. Definitely one ouf your best.