cartoon: the love trap

cartoon: the love trap February 5, 2010

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TRENDING AT PATHEOS Progressive Christian
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  • Gina


  • Lynn

    Does it boil down to the problem of adults judging other adults and telling them what they are doing wrong and that they need to be different than they are?

  • Why does it always have to be about ‘us’?

    What about the love that Christ has for ‘us’? That’s where our focus is in our congregation. That Word seems to keep all sorts of people together with minimal friction.

  • Joey

    You are a creative & theological genius, with a good dose of unconditional love, Nakedpastor! “God told me” you are to come & start a church here in Honolulu, so I can attend! 🙂

  • I love this cartoon! It portrays my church and others I have grown up in. Everyone wants to change you instead of letting you feel the inspiration to change yourself.

  • preacherlady

    No way, Joey…he has to start one in Chicago!

  • Baruch60610

    Ah… Preacherlady, I think that’s what you’re supposed to be doing…

    A lot of churches talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk. They talk about God’s love, how wonderful it all is. And it is wonderful, no doubt about that. But it’s all empty words, unless you also show people what the love is. Love is not only a feeling, it is something you do.

    From what I see in the Bible, Jesus didn’t have to trick people into coming to his “church”. He just showed his love, and they came to him automatically, instinctively. Jesus didn’t just tell people about love; he showed them.

    People are in desperate need of love. They can be seduced by the empty promises of love made by those who don’t have it to give. When they eventually learn the truth, many people become bitterly disillusioned and abandon the search altogether. That is tragic. I believe there are many angry atheists out there who were once sincere seekers who were let down by “words only” church.

  • preacherlady

    Baruch…start a church at my age? I’m going to start having public meetings again…if they turn into a church…so be it!

  • Baruch60610

    Preacherlady – how old was Noah when he started to build the ark? How old was Sarah when she had Isaac?

    I’m not saying that you absolutely *must* start a church; but I would say it would be fine to do whatever needs doing, and let God worry about how long He wants you to be doing it.

    There’s nothing wrong with planting fruit trees, even if you never expect to eat of the fruit.