Be Free

Be Free December 11, 2010

I call this “SLIVER”. This was done with pen and ink (Pilot G-Tec-C4) on Arches 300lb hotpress acid-free cotton rag paper, 2.5″x3.5″. I’m calling her Sophia.

Another image of our young woman taking the risk of discovering and exercising her own freedom. It is night. With the sparseness of light. It is her courage and innate wisdom that guide her. Even if she doesn’t find that for which she searches, there is immeasurable joy in the seeking. It will have been worth it.

Get an affordable print of this image here.

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  • My first thought: “where are her wolves?”

    In my mind she’s the same woman as the woman in the photo you posted a week or two ago that had a woman standing in a valley as a few wolves watch her embrace the night sky. 🙂

  • Sorry – I mean a drawing, not a photo!

  • speakingwinds

    I love these drawings you do; I loved the one you gave away yesterday, and also the one you did the other day – ‘tightrope’. That one really speaks to me. Between the solitude one I have, tightrope, and ‘be free,’ I’d like to start a collection. They speak powrfully to my soul.
    Any way to get a copy of tightrope and be free?

  • Lydia: It is the same woman. Always. She might be you!

  • speakingwinds: they are both in my etsy shop. because they are smaller they are cheaper:

  • tc

    NP: to me, part of her transcendent beauty, is that she represents the best parts of me, you, well all of us, should we choose to embrace them.

  • i agree tc.

  • Jan Johnson

    Ooo…nice! This drawing evokes some feelings that give me the desire to do the same thing. No one come to my backyard tonight after dark, ok? 🙂 Nothing like being able to truly bare all, in and out!

  • Very nice, David. I look forward to seeing what she (or we?) does/do next. 🙂

  • haha jan. too cold here.

  • thanks lydia.

  • Katherine

    She’s me (except younger and thinner lol)

  • Oh, I absolutely love this!

  • Joey

    Beautiful drawing. What it said to me was that she had to come out to be free under cover of darkness. If she were to exercise her freedom in the light of day, she may be judged, condemned and ridiculed for being transparent by those who wish to chain her in their own legalism.

  • Yipeee! She’s free!!!

  • fay crombie

    this brings the same feeling that i had when i went skinny dipping for the first time…delicious and free

  • sounds awesome fay.

  • k8

    Again, you hit the nail on the head.