winner & new drawing “branching”

winner & new drawing “branching” January 8, 2011

I’m pleased to announce yesterday’s FREEBIE FRIDAY winner: Barbara James of San Antonio, Texas. Congratulations Barb! The darling little charcoal drawing will be shipped out to you on Monday.

I drew this one last night. This young woman continues on her journey towards her own liberation:

It’s graphite pencil, pen & ink and colored pencil on Arches 300 lb. coldpress cotton rag, measuring 2.5″x3.5″ (ACEO). You can buy the original here or here.

I’m calling her Sophia.

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  • ok- i love that one dear. Freedom out on a limb…… shalom dude.

  • glad you like it cathryn. linkedined ya!

  • Got it…. kewl beans.

    I guess that one got me thinking about the vulnerability of the raw and being out on a limb- the faith in it that it won’t break… or the branch being faith itself –

  • Johnfom

    It my imagination, (or maybe am I slow on the uptake and everyone else already noticed this) but is the girl in the drawings getting older with each new waypoint on her journey?

  • hm. there’s a thought.

  • This IS one of ’em times that i wish i had $75.00 sitting around.
    I love your stuff anyway Dave, but i keep going back and looking at this one. I think in some way it inspired my last blog post… (cuz i was being kinda raw) well, i stay pretty raw when i’m in write mode… but of course i get invited to “follow” someone on blog, turns out, he’s a bit legalistic to say the least… people get real clinging to their “form of God” when you challenge with the raw i guess.
    Hmmmm that painting would look cool on a Deep V-neck black T-shirt.
    ok thinking out loud.
    blessings bro.

  • So let’s make this question as easy as possible…

    On a pleasantly warm summer night, in a remote corner of a remote forest, would you climb to and crawl out on a limb, naked, by the light of a full moon?

    Why? or Why not?

  • kls

    also, this is how you take a dump on a canoe tour.

    (sorry, couldn’t help the memories…)

  • Gina morgan

    Love this….going out a limb….that’s where the fruit is!