cartoon: summit

cartoon: summit February 21, 2011

This drawing took over 20 hours to complete. It is pen and ink with a little graphite pencil for the moon and her body. You can acquire the original or a fine art print of this image here.

Our young woman continues on her long journey. She is very interesting to me. I sat down to draw one picture, but immediately this image emerged out of my unconscious and presented itself to me. It had to be drawn. Her nakedness is obviously symbolically important. Who shall ascend the hill? She who is naked. It is a long and treacherous climb because of the night and her vulnerability, never mind the judgment of others. But it is her courage, the sense of urgent necessity that drives her. Alone. She has no idea what or who awaits her at the summit. But she senses it is Ultimate. I recorded to YouTube one of her favorite songs yesterday.

I’m calling her Sophia.

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  • The feminine, Sophia, our wisdom feels naked and perilous at this time in our epoch. She is trapped, naked, in the demiurge with nothing but the moon of the light as her etheric cycles seemingly just ebb and tide. She is waiting for the Christ Consciousness, the archetypal male, to lead her out of the darkness away from the trappings of the “Craftsman.” It is time but the journey winds back and forth and has many pitfalls en route to the ascension of true feminine consciousness; intuition and imagination.

  • Katie

    I just love this.

  • thanks katie and allyson.

  • As a metaphor for our spiritual journey, she will never reach the summit.

    As a metaphor for our life journey(ies), there will always be another summit.


  • both are true. yes doug.

  • Chris

    Of those of your drawings (‘cartoon’ seems demeaning!) which I have seen, I think this is my favourite so far – probably for very subjective reasons, themselves largely unknown to myself.

    I like your speaking to the “urgency” that over-rides concerns for vulnerability, unknown, alone-ness and the non-finite (perhaps fictitious?) destination:

    Once upon this voyage/pilgrimage (usually thru no conscious choice) there is NO turning back (even when longed for: “Can a man re-enter his mother’s womb?”)…

    One is impelled, as much from that-which-lies-behind pushing, nay irresistibly EXPULSING one, almost like a birthing from a place one has outgrown and which has become mortal to remain in… as from the yet-to-be-attained which is constantly drawing, tantalising, growing the pilgrim from without and within. ¿Lishma?

    Yet your girl knows light, and the path is unfolding before her, and she sets her own pace.

    I have unfortunately a very poor appreciation of the plastic arts… but find your work personally inspiring and challenging. Thank-you.

  • Chris

    PS: While my head understands, at a heart level it is very challenging for me to become vulnerable to your “moderation”.

    Having revealed myself, I feel like I am awaiting judgement as to worth and acceptability – not only of my comment, but of myself as a person.

    With one autocratic click, you can validate both… or consign both to file 13. That is a lot of power. Who or what gave you this power? My own imaginings and projections… or did you take that power and right onto yourself as “owner” of this piece of cyberspace?

    It is not a good feeling.

  • Hey Chris thanks for your comments. Your last one about one’s power over a certain piece of the internet are very insightful and probing. thanks!

  • She seems to have accepted the fact that she is on a path and she is prepared, come what may. She’s naked…she has taken the risk and bared her entire being…she has matured…she is no longer the little girl…timid…shy…afraid. She seems to be saying that she’ll walk this path no matter where it takes her….she’s finally ready to embrace the Divine Feminine in it’s fullest, however long it takes.

  • beautiful preacherlady

  • Ed Heilman

    When she told her people she was going on a journey, they gave her gifts and advice. She had a tent, a cook stove, food, cooking utensils, changes of clothes, and a map.

    But as she traveled on, the stove was too heavy. The food ran out and she learned to forage. She pulled a single loose thread of truth and her shelter frayed away, and the night appeared to her.

    She walked right off the map, so she put it aside.

    Finally there was nothing. No clothes, no food, no shelter barriers, just her corageously continuing her journey.

    The woman, the path, and the moon, together.