drawing & poem “float”

drawing & poem “float” March 27, 2011

(click on image for large picture)

When I left the ministry a year ago and posted it on my site, my good friend in Australia Eleasah Ridley was inspired to write a poem. She sent it to me. I thought it was just a random poem about no one in particular. Just a month ago she informed me that she was inspired to write it for me. I had no idea! I went back and read it, and it floored me. The words are so significant, so meaningful to me, that they are holy, like a word from The Blessed. After meditating on it for some time, I finally came up with this image of me floating in a vast sea.

It is drawn with pen and ink on Arches 140lb hotpress archival acid-free cotton rag, 20″x30″ (51cm x 77cm). If you want to see a full image of the original drawing click here.

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  • Wendy

    Isn’t it amazing when we inspire others without even meaning to? I think that is the best in the world. When we inspire intentionally, it is almost like a job. We set a goal and then try to accomplish it. But when we are just living our day-to-day life and that becomes the inspiration for another to create or better themselves in some way…Well, for me, that is truly the times that I know God is working through me.

  • She writes with such depth. It certainly is a “word” for you.

    Isn’t the internet wonderful. We can interact with people we’d never otherwise meet and form genuine bonds. You impacted her on the other side of the world enough for her to be given wisdom for you and for her to care enough to write the poem.