new Sophia drawing “Distant”

new Sophia drawing “Distant” April 17, 2011

Another one in my Sophia series. This one measures 5″x7″ (13cm x 18cm), and is done with pen and ink on Arches heavy acid free cotton rag paper. The original and fine art prints of it are available here, as well as my other artworks.

I call this one “Distant” because we see her from afar. Also, there is something mysteriously aloof about her. Shy. We have yet to see her face. She has endured so much abuse, ridicule and misunderstanding that it is going to take a while for her to find herself, regain her primal courage, and return to face the world to make her difference in it.

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  • Wendy

    That is so powerful. I can so relate to this one!

  • thanks Wendy…

  • It would be interesting to try an antique paper yellow to blue sky palette, which would make the midtones in the trees appear green. (A thought inspired by Tigg’s comment.)

    (Mobile facebook won’t let me comment.)

  • cool idea robin

  • Erp

    Powerful indeed, the moon was the symbol of Artemis the virgin huntress and there is perhaps a bit of her in your Sophia. Though I worry, we humans are social animals, and, she is so alone.

  • deb


  • I love this series of yours, David – it echoes so strongly with what my life is like at the moment! They remind me of the myth if Inana I read about once – something about being hung on a meat hook and humiliated, if I remember correctly, in order to grow.