we no longer stone

we no longer stone April 27, 2011

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In the old days when we were more tribal, the only way to remove someone from our lives was by murdering them. Legally it was by exile or execution. Now we can ostracize them without it looking bad on us. In fact, we can make it look downright righteous.

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  • That’s excellent David. I’m not sure the stones wouldn’t be better in some cases…

  • Oh I’m sure we still stone them somewhere. I mean we’re still stoning adulterous women in some parts of the world.

    Gimme something cheerful David.

    Humanity is really starting to bum me out !

    It’s just a repeating cycle. There’s always someone new to hate. We really aren’t changing. Me ? Oh, I’m perfect of course. It’s the rest of you I’m worried about. 😉

  • Crystal

    Yeah, what’s the difference really. Put them out of their misery or keep them in misery so we can gloat…Crystal.

  • Fred

    Heh…that’s kind of funny. Not really, but kinda.

  • i just did a photo of such an issue … very thought provoking stuff.

  • Powerful statement made here. I really like this one, David. Good work, as always.

  • pounding faith…

  • Sadly, this is still too true.
    As a married gay Christian who has recently come out, I am astounded at the number of ‘Christians’ I once considered close to me who have not spoken to me for the last six months, nor have they responded to my heartfelt messages in any way. The silence, I think, might be harder to live with than the homophobic messages I might have anticipated. Silence and stoning somehow seem to have a lot in common.

  • That is a sad story Wayne. And it happens all the time. Hence the cartoon.