new Sophia drawing “Bridge”

new Sophia drawing “Bridge” June 5, 2011

I completed this one this weekend. It is done with pen and ink and graphite pencil on Arches 140 lb. hotpress acid free cotton rag, 6″x6″ (15cm x 15cm).

Sophia continues her journey. It’s been said that we shouldn’t burn our bridges. But in this case she knew it was absolutely necessary to make a brutal and clean break with those who would bind her. Even if their intentions were sincere and good, they were like bonds to her. She simply had to separate herself from it all. She must move on.

The bridge was built before. It can be built again.

You can purchase the original or prints of this image here.

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  • So very true. Sometimes bridges are too rotten or dangerous to be saved.

  • sunflower

    fantastic confirmation of what i believe i heard the Spirit saying to me last night 🙂 thanks!

  • Joey

    Excellent, and an important message to the spiritually abused!

  • speakingwinds

    Very true & touching for many. I had to have this one.

  • Erp

    So is it just before dawn with the full moon setting? She has fled through the night and destroyed the bridge under the light of the moon, now she will turn to walk towards the rising sun.

    Or is it dusk with the full moon rising and she will now walk under its light to the west?

  • i think evening. early in the chase.

  • Tiggy

    This is exactly where I’m at at the moment. Sometimes you have to be ruthless and cut yourself off from what’s gone before, even if people don’t understand. You have to stop looking for love in the wrong places and even stop looking for love for the sake of independence and following your path.

  • very well articulated tigg.

  • Pastor Hayward, thanks again for your Sophie cartoons – pretty much the definition of the last year or so I’ve had (hopefully I’ll be through it soon and things will be a little less rocky). Really hope you and your lovely looking family are well, xxchar48

  • hey char! thanks so much. it really means a lot.

  • I like how she chopped it clean off instead of burning it. Seems more determined…less maniacal.
    Not that I don’t feel maniacal at least once daily.
    I am identifying with many of your cartoons. It is a hard sad truth you speak. Thank you.

  • hey beckie… i thought of burning it. so did my daughter. but they are black and white and figured drawing the flames would be impossible.

  • I can see where black and white flames could be a challenge!
    Is there anywhere that you go into a bit of your journey? I have just joined this party and you are speaking to my heart. Maybe it isn’t important to know the roads that lead us to the common ground, still, I am curious.

  • Laura

    This is me this week. Only I’m a little more “fluffy” than sophia.
    This week has been one where I had to whack down a couple bridges that I through were solid, for my own sense of self preservation and safety. It feels good to be at a point where it’s ok to cut down those bridges without any guilt or need for explaination.
    Like you say, it can be built again later if I choose.
    Thanks for the visual expression.