staple remover

staple remover June 16, 2011

We are already one. We are already united. I know this. But there is a force at work to divide us.

I’ve seen it in operation. I’ve witnessed the inexplicable beyond-us powers that attempt to tear us apart.

Keep the peace!

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If you haven’t bought my book of cartoons, you simply must. It addresses concerns such as this. Nakedpastor101: Cartoons by David Hayward“, from,, Great for laughs and serious discussion!

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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • I agree with that 100%.

    Also, the Old Adams and Old Eves inside us all are work against Him, as well.

    And the world doesn’t give a rodent’s derriere about Him either.

  • I’ve seen where a staple remover is also called a “staple raper.” Hmmm…seems to me that is quite appropriate for your cartoon. Satan is a raper of hope and remover of unity.

    Love the cartoon!!

  • The question is, what is the ‘Satan’? In my present paradigm it’s the mimetic force that lurks when human desire is stirred. The scapegoat mechanism that hides itself in the respectability of religion, politics and morality. The Satan loves religion, where desire quickly becomes mimetic leading to rivalry, expulsion and the fragmentation of relationships.

  • james

    What is the force that divides us?

    In my world I would say that the force/ wounding is of a pyschological nature….

  • Ed

    First and foremost, Bwhahahahaha! Perfect cartoon. Love it. Need it. Might buy it (a print anyway!–have to check the budget.) I’m glad you penned this – I’ll chuckle over the image for a long time.

    Secondly, I’m curious as to what leads you, Dylan, to your current Satan paradigm. How did you reach your conclusions as to what you believe?

  • Crystal

    Are we really already one and united? Have we ever been that? History tells me NO! – an emphatic NO. That’s been the problem all along with the Christian church and the people that form it. Why are there so many different denominations? Perhaps this isn’t what you’re getting at with your cartoon, David. Anyway, in the Jewish Torah, a satan is exactly what Dylan Morrison Author sayes – it isn’t Lucifer, or who we think of as the devil. From what I understand it’s plural. Lots of little satans causing havoc. That’s about my limited knowledge of it, I don’t propose to know more than that. Perhaps we can all be enlightened further on that interesting topic. I’m no theologian and don’t pretend to be. David’s the pastor here so he should know.

  • Johnfom

    James: aye, psychological, sociological.. rarely ‘logical’ without a prefix.

    Dylan and Steve: That seems to mesh quite nicely with the view of James (the biblical letter writer).

    Crystal: We are united in our humanity, and in our contention that Jesus was ‘someone worthy’ and possibly that God is God and we have some sort of relationship with Him. That’s how I’d see the staple of the cartoon. We’re not all on the same page but there is something external which unites us in some small way (see, pages held together by the staple). Man, I love the symbolism of this cartoon, whether it was intentional or accidental. 😀 I suspect it was the former.

    Different denominations? Well we all seem to relate to God a bit differently, emphasising one aspect of God over another. We each see a different ‘bit’ as being the defining bit. Denominations seem to me to be clusters of people who agree on which bit that is. Again, different pages, same document. 🙂

  • OneTrueKinsman

    Johnfom answers Johnfom…:)

    “We’re not all on the same page but there is something external which unites us in some small way (see, pages held together by the staple).”

    The external: “We are united in our humanity…”

    You’re a genius! 🙂

  • Johnfom

    Ahh I see the problem there. I was referring to/thinking of the 2nd 3rd and 4th parts of that which unites us when I said external. lol But aye, a bit of embarrassment for seeming to include the common humanity in the external. My bad.

  • Crystal

    You know, the only thing that tears us apart is ourselves. It’s nothing internal or external.If we threw everything out from the bible but Jesus’s words, perhaps we would be better off. Except I’m not really into book burning.

  • You have NO IDEA (or maybe you do) how instantly apropos this is for me right now. I’ve actually been thinking of you a lot the last few days, with your frequent church-disillusionment postings. I suspect this one I’m in right now (not the first) is not going to be the last . . .

    Anyway. Thank you.

  • Ed

    What I think is the genius of David’s cartoon is he got the staple puller to look like a character without penning on a face – cool!

  • Crystal

    Yep, Ed, but don’t you think that’s an eye (the hinge ) drawn on that evil staple? Sure looks like an eye to me. Yes, David is a genius of a cartoonist. Compare his earlier drawings though with the later ones. Amazing how much more sophisicated the later ones are.

  • Ed

    If the hinge is the eye it looks like a dinosaur. I saw the top black part as dark evil sunglasses and the bottom black part as a goatee. Much cooler 🙂

  • Ed, I’ve come to my conclusions re the ‘Satan’, resister, adversary, etc after the bitter experiences of ‘church life’ and the writing of Rene Girard, a French academic and philosopher who’s a Roman Catholic. Try his book ‘I Saw Satan Fall Like Lightning’ -it’s a great introduction to his mimetic theory and the scapegoat mechanism ( Satan) that lurks within human culture especially religion.His books are expensive but worth it.

  • great book Ed. in my library.