new Sophia drawing “Agreement”

new Sophia drawing “Agreement” July 4, 2011

Sophia, our courageous young woman, continues her journey towards her independence and wisdom. Here, she has made an agreement with all things wild. The mountain lion rests in his tree, and Sophia in hers.

This isn’t quite “the lion will lie down with the lamb”, but it is close enough for now.

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  • Lovely sketch Dave.

    The Wisdom within tames the wildness of our ego desires – it may take time but this Divine gift will finally redirect our wild energy into the creative Way of Love.

  • I told you that body surfing with the shark was gonna be a wild ride. Look where she ended up!

  • certainly higher ground sandra!

  • Crystal

    This is beautiful, so peaceful. I think this is where Sophia should end up. Reminds me of me and my dog. He’s always there for me. Such a comfort. Even though he can’t talk to me, he still communicates his oneness with me.

  • thanks crystal. i hope your dog is a little different than the lion, who must resist the temptation to eat you.