porcupine pastors

porcupine pastors July 18, 2011


Here’s an older cartoon that’s a little light-hearted today.

In seminary I was instructed to not get too close to the members of my congregation.

I broke that rule the day I started.

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  • This attitude and outlook is so foreign to (and really an affront) to my own experience in a minister’s (not pastor’s) family and upbringing. I can’t deny your seminary experience and advice, and evidently major courage in denying your instruction–but I can only conclude it characterizes a fringe and marginal aspect of the “institution.” (That said: I can understand the motive behind the advice. Teachers are warned against becoming “pals” with students–but that’s a different context and culture. Porcupine Pastors: what good could they possible be? That’s your point, yes?

  • That brings back painful memories! The new Anglican curate arrived in the parish in the same month. We became friends (so I thought) and he was my best man (over 50 years ago). Three weeks after we were married – while we were visiting my wife’s mother, I was told that as I was now married, I no longer needed his friendship.

    He had been taught that he should not have friends in the parish!!!!!

  • Lucky Yeshua wasn’t the prickly type of Shepherd we see illustrated here – If he were I wouldn’t liked to have been dancing beside Him at the wedding feast of Cana!

  • I was always surprised about boundaries in ministry. I mean they are good things and all, and are necessary for good and healthy relationships. But aren’t we following a guy who generally had horrible boundary practices?

  • Ed

    Perhaps the need isn’t so much for the pastor to avoid friendships among their congregation as it is educating the congregation as to how to be a friend to the pastor – how to not have unrealistic expectations of the pastor’s time–how to respect the pastor’s need for time with their family, etc.