prayer from the cell: you are

prayer from the cell: you are July 17, 2011

Sometimes I just can’t articulate.

But then That Which Cannot Be Named is beyond articulation.

Words always skirt what they point toward.

They are never dead on.

But words are all we have if we care to try to communicate the Love the overflows our hearts…

… when it does.

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  • ARTICULATE – originally a butcher
    s term–to flay the beast neatly at the joints (ar, ars) with a minimum of blood and gristle. ART comes from the same I.E. root: to join, juncture,joint. “The violent bear IT away” You can see how among other things my effort to articulate is an act of violence against the whole. No wonder I feel guilty all the time. I am. A good thing, this awareness. Otherwise–oblivious to my criminal and discrimninating acts–every step I take, move I make. (nevermind)

  • The Divine is
    The Divine only is
    The past is gone
    The future does not exist

    The Divine is not Christian or American or Santa Clause or Narcissus
    The Divine is unrestrained love and unconditional grace

    The Divine is not a distant diety
    The Divine is a here-and-now presence

  • Sarah

    I don’t think words are the only thing, honey.

    Smile, in the eyes, heart.

    Words not sufficing.

  • Jane

    How beautiful!

  • halavana

    the limitations of language can be insurmountable at times. Good thing our Creator know what’s in our hearts.