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super leader July 1, 2011

I was tempted over and over again to don this role. I gave in many times.

For many organizations, it is a mutual agreement between the leader and the people.

Some leaders wear this 24/7 and think it is their God-given duty to do so. And people allow it.

Of course, they’ve given in to the temptation to believe that people are transformed by strength and that the world should be ruled by power.

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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • Michael Peele

    Yeah. Pretty much. The problem is that they become more Lex Luthor than the big blue boyscout.

    Which is why Jesus said to call no man Rabbi (translated “my master” from the Hebrew)

    I feel that until we reach the point where we are brothers (not masters and serfs) we will never truly walk in what Jesus died to give us.

  • Sarah

    People transform themselves by their own inner strength.

  • Sarah


    Hi, more, in person.

    May you be blessed.

    Here too public but would like to transmit much love and hopes.