Zombie Pastor

Zombie Pastor October 31, 2011

I remember so many years ago when I took my first personality test. When my results came back, I ripped open the envelope to see what they said. “JERK”. No, just kidding. “INFP”. I was intrigued to discover that there aren’t many of us in the world. What an amazing experience that was. It was like a revelation. When I shared my results with my spiritual director, she cautioned me:

It will be very difficult to not see your personality as the best. It’s not. It’s just different. You are one among sixteen. And as a pastor, you will have to be very, very careful to respect, love and appreciate all kinds of personalities. You don’t want a church full of INFPs!

That was probably the day when my passion for unity in diversity became more central.

Well, this is my last zombie cartoon. At least for now. You never really know with zombies. They can rise from the dead at any time.

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  • Surprise, surprise. I too am INFP!

  • Jackie B

    Ditto. We can form a church! LOL

  • LET’S!

  • Hugs ‘n Jesus

    OK….so what does “INFP” stand for??? This 73 year old great grama’s inguiring mind wants to know? Hugs:)

  • Dear David, I can see your are boldly un-intimidated by some of your readers discomfort with the Zombie Theme. Personally, I’ve never been part of a church where they called the “leader,” “Pastor,” or even “leader.” “Minister” is all I know. Ministering as opposed to pastoring. Maybe that distinction marks the big difference in our “religious” experience. It would seem strange to apply your zombie characteristics to a “minister.” I wouldn’t expect such adolescent attributes coming from a grown-up who’s been Pastor/leader too. (How did you get thru your bible seminary with this kind of experience? Do you blame it on your INFP personality?) I’m sorry for you. It must stink. Wouldn’t want to hug one. All Saints Day: the zombies back in their graves? Let’s hope. Must be other, better ways to critique “the church”

  • LouiseM

    “Must be other, better ways to critique “the church”

    Like comparing current religious leaders to whited sepulchers?

    Must be more kosher to say it than draw it.

  • INFP are more predisposed to become zombies… ENTP/J is the only way to go! (and the P/J must be split and each time you take the test you’re on one side or the other). Also, that’s in the Bible, Mark 22:11: And Jesus said unto Peter, “Get behind thee me, INFP!”

  • Sam, True prophets stand on the edge of society and tell it as they see it. I’m not sure the rich wives of Samaria were very happy when Amos called them fat cows.

  • haha luke. hilarious. made me chuckle. infp are certainly more inclined to draw zombies. at least this one.

  • Hugh: are you saying NP is a true prophet? How do you discern between true and false of which, supposedly, there might be many. Legion, even. Criteria? Is David standing on the edge of society? Or falling off into it? That’s what the back & forth is all about. Prophets abound on both sides of aisle: accusatorial, adversarial. “satanic.”