gay stoning or wording

gay stoning or wording November 21, 2011

Murder is an instant and graphic way of dismissing someone from our lives. That’s why, in the old days, exile carried almost the same weight as the death penalty. Families, clans and tribes were absolutely primary and removal from them was paramount to death.

Now we can just separate ourselves from those deserving of death by other, more civil, means.

But behind it all is the same motivation…

… which is the exact opposite of incarnation.

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TRENDING AT PATHEOS Progressive Christian
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  • sam scoville

    Queer or Straight or Trans, black or yellow, tan, or red, rich or poor, young, old: I throw stones at everyone, NP. I’m a stone thrower. Stone age.
    I don’t discriminate in my hate. Seriously. It’s the denial and cover-up that generates my psychic toxic waste and raises my bozone level. (I wasn’t going to comment today, but then I miss out on all the comments–which I love.)p

  • He who lives by the stone…

  • sam scoville

    Or in David’s update: words

  • Yisraela

    I saw Jennifer Knapp on Larry King ( there are 4 parts)… and it was very telling. We use our words as swords (remember that old the word is the sword of the lord teaching?)…. we cut to the core of who a person is to destroy them… not to restore them or to make them whole. We name call and cut down and degrade… all in the name of *cough* “love”. But that same book says if you don’t love the homosexual you can see, if you don’t love the liar you see, if you don’t love the murderer you see, then you cannot love God. In 1John 4:20 that word “brother” is a greek word that means any/all humans. To the degree we love our worst enemy is the degree we love (or don’t love) God. It’s our religion that has bred a generation of people that are so homophobic. We do violence “in the name of god and all that’s pure”. But Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, corrupt tax collectors and prostitutes will get into the Kingdom of God before you do.” Good one David!

  • Dualism seems to require the ‘other’ for stone-throwing practice.

    Monism wakes up to realize that the stones are directed at the transferred Self.


  • [sarcasm]well David, i only throw the stones out of love. if someone was heading off a cliff, you’d throw a stone at them to get their attention. [/sarcasm]

  • I guess this happens all the time in churches that focus on your Christian obedience rather than ones that focus on the forgiveness of sins for Jesus’ sake.

    I’m thankful the church I am a member of focuses on the latter.

  • I can’t compete with all the Goodies. Galore.
    I ‘ve decided to go Bad. A commitment to the
    bad-it-takes to get Good.

    Among all the goodies galore
    it makes me want to be the bad guy,
    the sad guy: to stand out from all
    the goodness and mercy,love and
    jesus hugs and cry: Hosanna!
    Save now.

    I need it. Not all the Rest.
    Decent. Don’t worry about them.
    Say a little prayer for me.
    I’m bad.

  • I think there are some religions in the world that really do stone to death, or execute homosexuals…even to this day.

  • meghann

    love the poem sam.
    reminds of a sunday school lesson when i was a kid, throwin’ darts at pictures of people we drew that we didn’t like then lifting the picture up and there was Jesus.
    thanks for sharing dave