facebook friend request warning

facebook friend request warning March 23, 2012

facebook friend request warning

I’ve received this warning more than once. Well… not exactly this one. I’ve altered it to make it a cartoon. But I have received warnings from facebook for inviting people to be my friend who Facebook invites me to invite to be my friend. If you get my meaning.

Facebook: “Invite so and so to be your friend.
Me: “Hey so and so: will you be my friend?
Facebook: “You’re suspended for inviting so and so to be your friend!

Really, this has happened to me. I was suspended from Facebook for a week for inviting someone. Maybe that someone reported me. I don’t know.

Anyway… I thought this was funny. May it make you smile at least!

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  • David Waters


  • Mike aka MonolithTMA


    I think the reason you get those messages is because several people reject your invite and choose the “I don’t know this person.” option. Then again, it’s Facebook, it could just be gremlins.

  • Fantastic parody, David! Love it!

  • Jeff Cole

    Oh no…you don’t think this will become a Facebook posting for the mainstream evangelicals as ” post this in your status I bet most of you won’t” thingy….do you ?? ugh..:(

  • Pat Pope

    Interesting. At first I thought maybe it was because of the name naked pastor, but that’s not what you go by. Hmmm….if the person doesn’t want to be bothered, all they have to do is block you.

    Anyway, good cartoon. Speaks volumes.

  • It is worse than that. They will suggest I friend certain people because another friend knows them. So I friend them and facebook threatens to suspend me. When someone wants friend me, I realize I can accept or reject that request. If I accept, I realize I can change my mind later. I have the power to block people if I don’t want them to see my page or any of my postings. Still facebook thinks they must protect us from friend requests. I don’t get it. I would prefer to be treated as an adult.

  • Diana A.

    Wow. That’s crazy. Facebook, go figure!

  • Christine

    A good chuckle, David. Thanks.

  • Nancy T.

    Totally different direction than the one I thought you might go in.

    To me, the endless ‘you may want to friend’ or the invites to friend from someone I don’t know at all in any context, make me think of people that are sort of ‘surface friendly’ so that they can ‘share christ with you’. To me, it would be more like endless little pop ups with “Jennifer Somebody would like to become your friend so she can share Jesus with you’ Accept/Don’t Accept