prayer from the cell: autocorrect

prayer from the cell: autocorrect March 25, 2012

nakedpastor's prayer from the cell "autocorrect"

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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • God’s reply:

    “I’m right here, for you. On the cross. In the preaching of the cross. In the bread and the wine and the water of Baptism.”


    “Oh thee of little faith….will you ever get it?”

  • Jeannie

    Auto correct – perfect.

  • Sugar

    Too funny! 😀

  • I just come from communion. He was there.

  • Ruthie

    LOL 😀 yep know that feeling

  • Christine

    Hilarious! “autocorrect” – Love it.

    For those who didn’t “get it”, (“no, he is there”), the point, at least how I got it, is that we say one thing when we think or feel another. We say what we think we’re suppose to, even when it isn’t honest – regardless of what is actually true, we aren’t expressing what we really believe. Pointing that out is what makes it *funny*. Insisting then on simply reinforcing your view of truth doesn’t speak to the cartoon at all. Can’t you relate to this, see the humour in it? It’s just part of being human.

  • Martha

    Love it!