the colorful seamless robe of Jesus

the colorful seamless robe of Jesus April 12, 2012

the colorful seamless robe of Jesus

The story of the seamless robe of Jesus perhaps symbolizes the reality of the unity of all things. So complete, in fact, that it is no longer the joining together of different pieces. We are really one.

I colored the robe to symbolize that, even in spite of our differences… culturally, religiously, spiritually, sexually, ethnically, socially… our differences become the servants of our unity.

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  • Sarah

    amen. How lovely David. Blessed be.

    Tahnk you! 🙂

  • “The unity of all things” ?

    All things are not united. Take a look around. “Everything in this world has been consigned to sin.”

    This is a broken world full of broken people.

    Jesus unites in Himself. Period. And He will one Day judge all things and everyone. Those whom He knows will be with Him. Those whom He does not know will be eternally separated from Him.

    That’s the real picture that the Bible paints.

    Everything else we just cook up out of our generous reason.

  • Gary

    Thanks David.

    Jesus came to unite the whole world and He WILL draw all men unto Himself as He declared. He does not have an eternal vengeance for anyone. Any judgment to come will be temporal and restorative.

    THAT is the real picture the bible paints.

  • Sarah

    amen, Gary. Thank you.

    Blessed be,

    Sas x 🙂

  • Gary

    Everything else we just cook up out of our lust for vengeance.

  • Wow, I did not even really know this story (or read over it).
    The Seamless Robe of Jesus” (only in the Gospel of John)

    And didn’t Joseph have the colorful robe? Was his seamless?

    Do people liken Joseph and Jesus because of this?

  • I’ll bet people, like Steve Martin, are deeply distressed knowing that the only Bible some folks get is in their reading of the Naked Pastor. I for one love it.

  • Gary

    LOL Sabio…Yeah united we ain’t.

  • Connie

    “…our differences become the servants of our unity”…..David, this is profound.

    Let’s all take inspiration from this phrase and see the divine call in it.

    Our differences can become the tools that serve the unity in all, not be the swords that refuse to be beaten into plowshares.

  • Sarah

    Oh Connie, that’s beautiful.

    Blessed be,

    Sas x

  • Sarah


    Interesting. Jesus and Joseph have always been similar to me. I always like the thought of Jesus’ Mom making her son a seamless robe, it was all of her love.

    Maybe Jos had one too, seeing as he was the most loved of his Dad’s Sons!

    Me x

  • Jacquie

    Unity in all things….YES. I like that your cartoon is positive, David. Thank you.

  • Gary

    Fortunately the unity is dependent upon Christ…and not His followers. To me this is the beauty of your illustration David…our differences are illusions. The reality is in the unity.

    Love the drawing.

  • “Jesus came to unite the whole world…”


    I thought that it was Jesus himself who said that because of himself that mothers would be divided from daughters and fathers from sons.


    Come now…open your eyes and look around. Mention Jesus’ name at a cocktail party and watch how the party ends, or breaks out in warfare.

    Sometimes I think people project what they’d like to see happen, while ignoring reality.

  • It is fortuitous that today’s edition of ‘1 Minute Daily Word’ speaks exactly to what I was talking about:

  • Gary

    Nah Steve…you are simply stuck in the illusion because that is all you can see. It shapes your perception. Dictates your actions.

    Jesus was referring to the temporal results that people would bring upon themselves due to their propensity for disagreement. His message would certainly divide those who accept it from those not ready to understand. But these temporal factions and disputes mean nothing eternally.

    And of course we could both proof text back and forth all day. Plenty of verses speaking of God’s wrath NOT being eternal; of every knee declaring Him Lord; of his constant efforts to bring back the lost ones. But I have always found proof texting to be pointless since it depends so much on what one chooses to believe in the first place.

    At the end of the day I think it comes down to one thing. Either you get the message of Love Jesus taught…or you don’t.

  • Well, Steve Martin, mention “Jesus!” at a Republican convention and you should get lots of unity! 😉

    But on a serious note, when Gary said, “Jesus came to unite the whole world and He WILL draw all men unto Himself as He declared.” I was a bit puzzled too. I kind of sounded Biblical, but I am weak on that. Maybe he meant when Jesus has his second coming or some future apocalyptic notion because we have never seen any kind of unity up to now.

    “Jesus unites us” makes about as much sense to me as:
    “Buddha unites us”
    “Mother Nature unites us”
    “Krishna Unites us”
    “Our Humanity unites us”
    and all the rest of such pablum.

    To me, it is all in-house rhetoric.

    But if religions come up with pablum which stops their members from hating and shunning others, then I am all for it.

  • @ Gary

    While you said, “At the end of the day I think it comes down to one thing. Either you get the message of Love Jesus taught…or you don’t.”

    Wouldn’t Steve Martin say that “At the end of the day I think it comes down to one thing. Either you get the message of forgiveness Jesus offers…or you don’t.”

    It seems different Christians focus on different things. But wasn’t love taught by many more than Jesus? Don’t you need Steve Martin’s Jesus to make Christianity unique?

    Is it Jesus’ teachings or his sacrifice or some delicate balance?

  • Gary

    Yes Sabio I too embrace the message of forgiveness Jesus offers. I believe it is an absolute necessity. The difference between Steve and I is that he believes in an eternal hell where god will exact His vengeance upon the majority of mankind for their ignorance. I do not believe this is what Jesus taught. I believe the forgiveness Jesus offers is for all eventually…not just a select few.

    To me…the represents perfect balance…grin.

  • @ Gary,
    So, if I have this right, since everyone is eventually forgiven and gets to live eternity in heaven, learning love now just improves this life — and one could learn to love from any number of sources, Jesus’ teachings aren’t unique enough to really matter on that front. Right?

  • Gary

    You could see it that way. Though I do believe that all truth comes from the same source…I just happen to believe that the embodiment, the ultimate revelation if you will, of that source is Jesus.

    I like the point you make about learning to love now is to improve this life. But I think that there will be a time of cleansing for those who live evil lives that may not be the most pleasant…so avoiding that would be a good thing as well.

  • @ Gary:
    Thanx, that is clear. Even that model would scare kids too bad and still allow them to make friends in other circles and even marry them without feeling a need to convert them. Such a view allows unity. If only more Christians had a soteriology similar to that one.

  • shelly

    Here’s some food for thought, especially for anyone who believes in Eternal Torment or Permanent Annihilation…

    What about everyone who lived before Jesus walked the earth? While some of them may’ve believed in the “one true God”, it was still impossible for them to believe in a saviour, or “accept one into their hearts” — meaning, if they lived in the here-and-now, mainstream Christianity would condemn them to “hell” along with anyone in the OT who worshipped false gods.

    @Sabio: IMO, the god that Steve believes in — which is also the one(s) mainstream Christianity believe in — is no different from the thief that Jesus described in the first part of John 10:10, because they believe in one who will destroy the vast majority of humanity (“The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy….”). I don’t want anything to do with that god. I don’t want anything to do with a god that is incapable of saving all of his creation, or one incapable of restoring humanity to himself.

  • @ Shelly,
    I agree. But I think Steve Martin would reply something like, “You can’t make up your own god. God is who he is. God’s ways are a mystery to us.” And thus, justify his exclusivism.

  • The more I view the Christian blogs out there the more upset I become. “Buy my books, Buy my art, About Me, Read about Me, read my articles , read my blogs, read what I think about Jesus, have a look at my funny comic depicting Jesus robe (as he is nailed to a cross) as a supporter of gay rights.

    As one that has met the Holy one when he freed me from sin, which included all sexual immorality to help me become pur of heart i can say one thing

    you are in for a BIG shock when you meet the real Holy God who came and said “many will say Lord Lord….Get away from em you evil doers.

    For some down to earth sound scripture based devotions, sermons etc have a look

    sorry no books or art or personal ‘musings’ on offer, just glory to Jesus Christ- THE BOSS of all

  • Helen

    Loving reading this thread. Keep it going keep it going. Dusting off my biblical knowledge cobwebs, maybe a question for Gary – how does the ‘mud, sticks, straw’ thing in heaven work?

  • Gary


    Good thing you told us all about your “pure of heart” thing you got going on…because you went to a lot of effort to hide it in your venom laced rant.

  • Gary


    Sorry but your going to have to give me a reference on that one.

  • thanks for the chuckle jack.

  • Christine


    “Stop saying it’s “me, me, me” everyone else. Don’t you get that it’s actually *ME*! *My* meeting God, *my* freedom, *my* revelation, *my* personal understanding, *my* heart, what *I* think is the best scriptural interpretation. Don’t you see, *I’m* the one who you should listen to.”

    Yeah, thanks for that.

  • Christine

    @Gary: I can’t help but notice that your answer to Sabio doesn’t include a reason to believe in Jesus in this life, just to be good in this life.

    @shelly: Explanation I got was that on Holy Saturday Jesus descends into hell and frees all it’s captives. So, pretty much everyone before is covered. For what it’s worth.

    @Sabio: Great Steve impression. You could do a whole you and Steve debate in a single post! 🙂

  • Gary


    Not sure I am following you. Touched on several reasons over a couple of comments…but not exhaustive of course. Forgiveness is a big part of it. A much improved life is part of it. A better world for living by His teaching is part of it. Lots of reasons to believe in Him in this life.

  • Christine

    @Gary: Re-reading and I don’t see it. I see in your comments that forgiveness comes with belief or not; love is what improves one’s life now, not belief; the better world comes from following His teachings, regardless of how finds those teachings or why they choose to follow them. Jesus plays a strong role, but I don’t see having a Christian faith anywhere in there.

  • Helen

    @ Gary, found it. Verse is a little bit different from ‘mud, sticks, straw’ which I thought it was sorry. Your (or anyone elses) take on the meaning?

    – 1 Cor 3:12 (I’ve put more context in before and after – I think it’s KJV)

    10 According to the grace of God which is given unto me, as a wise masterbuilder, I have laid the foundation, and another buildeth thereon. But let every man take heed how he buildeth thereupon.

    11 For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.

    12 Now if any man build upon this foundation gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, stubble;

    13 Every man’s work shall be made manifest: for the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by fire; and the fire shall try every man’s work of what sort it is.

    14 If any man’s work abide which he hath built thereupon, he shall receive a reward.

    15 If any man’s work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss: but he himself shall be saved; yet so as by fire.

  • Gary

    It was a couple of comments Christine…not a complete synopsis of my faith.

  • Gary

    Helen I have some views on those verses but lack the time this morning to elaborate. I’ll get back to the thread soon.

  • Christine

    Not meant to be a criticism, Gary, just an observation. Understand it isn’t your whole worldview, which is why I made the observation. If all those things come without belief, in your view, what is the need/purpose/reason for faith? Honestly just curious. Not trying even to disagree, really.

  • Gary

    Oh but I do believe Jesus is God and that His redemption on the cross is what makes all those things possible. I just also believe that He is powerful enough to eventually save all. Sabio knows from previous discussions that I believe these things so it did not seem necessary to retrace the same steps with him.

    I was not offended BTW – just a bit puzzled as to why you thought I did not believe based on my comments.

  • Christine

    Oh, I didn’t for a second think you didn’t believe. And it was quite obvious that you believe that Jesus was essential for all those good things.

    What I didn’t see is any reason why anyone *has* to believe, why anyone else who doesn’t already should, or that they would get anything additional out of it. Sounded like they could get all the benefits of Jesus without having to have faith themselves.

    Maybe a better way to ask is to inquire about what you think of evangelism?

  • Helen

    oh and Gary, I’m still holding you to your promise. So you can feel busy and important answering both mine AND Christine’s questions ! (being funny, not sarcastic)