dive to the depths

dive to the depths May 26, 2012
This woman went deep and was rescued by loons.
"Deep" (drawing by nakedpastor)

(This is a drawing I did of a woman being rescued by a pair of Northern Loons, a large aquatic bird that can dive to incredible depths.)

Do not avoid the depths.
You must dive. Yes, you must.
You know you must go. Don’t you?
I can’t say don’t be afraid.
Because they are dark and cold.
And terribly, so terribly lonely.
There are things there you’ve never seen.
And things you never want to see.
The risk is sometimes real, always great.
But I think I can promise that
your recovery shall come from a surprising source.
I think I can promise that
from the center of your fear
will come your redemption
and raise you back into the warming light.

Buy the original drawing. Or buy a print of this drawing.

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  • Thanks David,I like this post.
    My experience of life resonates with it’s sentiment.
    Going through really difficult things, and coming face to face with my worst fears, has given me valuable perspectives, deeper understanding and even sharpened my creativity.

  • that’s cool jo. i love hearing stories like that.

  • Ruthie

    So needed that today! Thanking you from the deep dark murky depths 🙂