our god bites

our god bites May 31, 2012

beware our god bites!

OUR GOD BITES: (buy a print of this cartoon.)

What’s funny is that I know some people will read this and say, “Well, yes, God does bite!”

There are as many views on God out there as there are people.

Does your god bite?

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  • shary

    NO my God does not bite to hurt. He may grab me with His mouth to keep me away from danger.

  • Ruthie

    No my God is a lover 🙂 It’s the self righteous judgmental religious tossers who bite

  • Yes my God bites. But its not “beware”, its just “thats life”. If you want a toothless God, then look elsewhere.

  • Beth

    Who would enter a church that has that warning sign?? Lots of people do….and then they turn around and beat you on the head with their teachings.

  • Tyler

    A God who does not bite injustice is not a good god.

  • Gary

    Does my God bite? Not anymore. It is amazing how much more loving God became as I matured. lol

  • Gary

    As I recently posted on my facebook status…

    I am a follower of Jesus. It is because of this that I find myself so often at odds with the Christian religion.

  • Helen

    I love that comment Gary, I might just poach it. I think it’s much more mature than my current fridge magnet “Sorry I missed church. I was busy practicing witchcraft and becoming a lesbian”.

  • Gary

    You are welcome to it Helen. Though I have to admit…your “fridge magnet” comment made me laugh out loud…grin.

  • David Waters

    How about a cell with the caption “Will the REAL God please stand up!”

    If we take the idea of God away, we have MUCH less differences with each other around the world.

  • An alternative: “Beware, Our God Bites! Because OMG HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH!!”


    To use the tried and true analogy of human parents: yes, I allow my children to experience bad consequences, but part of my job is to make the consequences appropriate.

    The Christian God, if he exists, seems to think “appropriate consequences” include rape, murder, genocide, and starvation. This is after he allows them to be born not even knowing who he is.

    Clearly an absentee father.

  • I agree with the sign. Their god probably does bite.

  • You’d almost think you had some projection issues David. He disciplines those He loves…and sometimes that feels like a bite…even the likes of you and me.

  • Gary

    I have always been able to discern the difference between loving discipline and being bitten…by a dog or otherwise.

    Just sayin…

  • I read the sign entirely differently. Let’s watch out for our short sound bites about God, because we’re quite often wrong. Crazy, eh?

  • Helen

    Projection issues? meh. Accusing someone of projection issues sounds to me like a new & shiny & updated christian culture shaming passive aggressive way of calling someone ‘bitter’. I think I got enough adjectives in there.