we are all the us in Jesus

we are all the us in Jesus May 17, 2012

We are all the us in Jesus.

I claim that in Jesus there are no boundaries. There are no edges. There is no center. All in all. None included. None excluded. The differences and divisions, separations and segregations are all inspired, fabricated, endorsed and enforced by the human race.

We are all already one. It is a present reality. Our task is to make it manifest.

(This cartoon first appeared on Believe Out Loud.)

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  • Vie

    Pretty much, yep.

    Just some form of tribalism… “God prefers our theology to your theology so we’re more right” type bitching that people should have grown out of in high school.

    Difficult thing comes when you get rejected by pretty much every “tribe” for even implying this.

    Isn’t christian life fun?

  • I love this. Any chance it might be made into a t-shirt? 🙂

  • We are the body of Christ
    We are the Kingdom of God

  • it would make a great tee, wouldn’t it.