you too can persevere

you too can persevere May 25, 2012

Like this tree, you can persevere.

There is this tree near where I live.
It was struck by lightning.
It is a home for all kinds of insects.
It is a home for birds, squirrels, and
so much other kinds of life.
Some say it is dead.
Why not say it lives a different kind of life?
It is beautiful! Is it not?

You know, in spite of what has struck you,
you too can persevere.
You can be a home for many.
You can give life and support it too.
You can even outlive your witnesses.
Some say you are dead.
Maybe you say so yourself.
Why not say you live a different kind of life?
You are beautiful! Are you not?

You can buy the original drawing or a print of this drawing.

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  • Lovely and inspiring. thank you.

  • Oh, David, I am blown away by your magnificent drawing and your marvelous words here. God can (and will) use us in such amazing ways when we let Him, no matter what state we are in. Such and inspirational reminder to us all!
    Blessings to you!

  • Scott Johnson

    Beautifully inspiring.

  • Ruthie

    It is beautiful. Thank you for the encouragement. I get so much from your beautiful life & your gifted way of sharing both with art & words. Thank you again 🙂

  • thanks so much

  • Walker Harrison

    Thank you. I needed this soooooooo much today.

  • I love your take on this piece. Great words of wisdom! The artwork sets just the right mood against the sky!

  • thanks so much mary lou