Sophia going against the “flow”

Sophia going against the “flow” June 16, 2012
Sophia drawing "flow".
Sophia "flow" (drawing on paper, 8"x10")

Going against the flow is a decision that has to be made. But it doesn’t necessarily start with “I’m going to go against the flow!” It doesn’t need to begin with an attitude of resistance, rebellion or non-conformism. It may begin with “I’m not happy with my life and the way its going.” Then, when you decide to be true to yourself and find your own way, you suddenly realize this means going against the flow. You may suddenly discover that in being true to yourself and finding your own way you are noticing that everyone else is going in the opposite direction.

It is not a comfortable feeling or more people would do it. It’s more comfortable and easy to go with the flow. Not against it. Or more people would do it. It’s conspicuous and sometimes considered arrogant to go against the flow, so people prefer to blend in and keep their heads low. Or more people would do it.

But it is always necessary. Necessary for your own sanity, peace and joy.

Buy the original drawing “flow”, or buy a print of the drawing.

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  • Pat Pope

    You’re right–it’s not necessarily a conscious decision. Some of us are just different and we walk in who we are, which often means begin at odds with others. I’ve always had a strong sense of self and though I’ve compromised at times, basically the fact that I was different and thought different, often had me going against the flow.

    It’s amazing and rather contradictory though how we simultaneously teach our children to be individuals but also to go with the flow and not cause a stir.

  • Love that piece!

    Go against the flow! (sometimes) That’s what I do here, much of the time.

  • a prophet

    Hi David – your posts mean so much to me. Last year I was off on stress/burnout leave for 6 months. This past month, I have finally come to terms with the ministry I been called to do. My ministry has been about naming injustices within and outside the congregation. It is not always a comfortable place to be. I think my stress leave was the result of my not fully accepting my call, and hoping I could be in ministry and still have everyone love me. This past month, I realized that I have been a prophet – someone who names injustices. Prophets get crucified. When I realized this call, my anxiety dissolved. I am now comfortable in my own skin, comfortable with my own call, and able to relate to my congregation as I was meant to. And yes, it is much like Sophia – swimming against the stream!Thanks be to God!!

  • Sugar

    To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. (Ralph Waldo Emerson) 🙂