Freebie Friday print of choice and 1 month membership

Freebie Friday print of choice and 1 month membership August 24, 2012

art collage by nakedpastor david hayward

Okay everybody! Today’s a special day: FREEBIE FRIDAY! I’m giving away a FREE PRINT OF YOUR CHOICE. I’ve posted a collage above of my four different styles: contemplative pieces, Sophia, paintings and cartoons. You can go to my online gallery to choose from the many selections which one you want.

PLUS: I’m also giving the winner a free one month membership to my other site, If you already have a membership, you can give it to someone else. Please let me explain the new site. It’s amazing! Yes, it has what nakedpastor has. But it has tons more. Beside the fact that I am so happy and pleased with how it’s developing, there are the three things I would say about it. It is:

  1. a safe community for sharing and hearing stories of spiritual transition;
  2. a resource for learning about and acquiring a healthy spiritual independence;
  3. a fellowship to meet rare people like you who are learning to think for themselves.

You might want to go ahead and JOIN NOW. A few have questioned the cost. It is only $7 per month.  It’s growing and I want you to join!

For a chance to win all you have to do is:

1. leave a comment on this post. Even just “hi”. You can be anonymous if you want.
2. you must sign up for my newsletter


Sorry, but I won’t be responding to comments. Don’t take it personally. I appreciate every one of you. But my comments would mess up the draw. Don’t be alarmed if your comment doesn’t appear right away. I will approve it at some point. I’m at a conference this weekend and my internet access will be sparse. But I’ll get to you 🙂

That’s it. Only one comment per person. It is a draw. So I will end entries at midnight tonight my time (Atlantic Time… an hour east of Eastern Time). I’ll draw the name tomorrow morning and announce it then.

Good luck! Tell your friends.

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  • John


  • Sheyrie Skipper

    Thanks for Freebie Friday!

  • Steve

    Beautiful work.

  • Gary

    Print of choice…AWESOME!!

    Already have the membership on your new site of course and I have to tell you…LOVE IT there.

  • Always love this, have not won yet, but will keep plugging away… thanks as ever for your work

  • Thanks for all your work!

  • Thanks for your work and pushing at the edges.

  • Heidi Douthwright

    David, I so enjoy your work. If I could, I would buy one of each of your prints. Have a great weekend.

  • Pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Great Cartoons!

  • Meghann Tennant

    Wooohoooo! Its friday!!!!!!!

  • Christine Adkins

    Hi David, thank you for sharing your gift with us and the world. I find a lot of solace in your words and art. Many thanks and have a wonderful weekend!

  • Hannah

    hi dave! miss you!

  • Heidi Durham

    total awesomeness!

  • Jared Littleton


  • David Waters

    Be Neat to take a Peek… behind the veiled door… looking into the unknown… to see how they interact… when everyone is NAKED,( sharing their hearts without fear ) embracing their questions.

    Thank You David Hayward aka Naked Pastor.

  • Kathy

    Whoo HOO …..Sounds good

  • Mary Sweet

    Awesome opportunities!

  • Rick

    I continue to love your work.

  • Marci

    I’d so love to win this one!

  • Leigh Newton

    The church needs a few mavericks to demonstrate that the era of unquestioned authority is over for many. Thanks for the questions and the role-modelling.

  • Thom Z

    Cool. Love the “Jesus with Rainbow Halo.”

  • Staci


  • Brian


  • Leslie

    Very cool!

  • Anissa Bacon

    I love your sofia print with the butterflies – wanted to put it on my wedding registry on etsy but couldn’t find it. Could you help?

  • Janet

    Hi! Have a good day

  • Joe Hilbun

    Sophia reminds me so much of my daughter.

  • Janice

    your work speaks volumes! love it x

  • Christina McCleary

    Blessings Brother!

  • Chris McGill


  • Bryan

    I’m with Janice on this!

  • Jan

    I would love to have one of your pieces!

  • “The Includer” would be perfect for our church.

  • KW

    Hi. Thanks David.

  • Comment. Do i win?

  • Syl

    Have to put my name in the hat for this one!

    And – the new site is wonderful. The conversations are open and from the heart, and a caring and supportive community is developing. If you need a safe place to let your hair down, this is it.

  • Awesome! (Dog-eared this post) LOL

  • Pat B

    Hoping to win one of your crows 🙂

  • Lain

    I so look forward to your posts every morning. It is refreshing to know I am not alone in the thoughts and ideas that I have. Thank you for your openness and willingness to share with us. Congratulations on the new site. I hope it it will be wildly successful and a place of refuge for many.

  • Michael

    You’re one of the essential sites in my RSS reading. Love your work.

  • Sara

    Pick me!! :))

  • Julia

    A freebie? I’m in!

  • John Perkins

    Thanks for sharing David!

  • Sally Dasto

    Thanks for giving away another chance for one of your prints and a one month membership to your website.

  • Rainbow Jesus.

  • Jim

    I absolutely LOVE the Raven withstanding the rain in the tree… beautiful.. and it speaks directly to my soul. Such vivid talent! I think its lovely how you make these offers to your fans. 🙂

  • Nathan

    Pick me! Pick me!

  • Kris Trotter

    Hi All! Happy Friday! Appreciation to David! k

  • Ellen


  • April Eisenman


  • noelle

    Pick me! =)

  • David, I am not crazy. I unsubscribed by mistake, and I had to resubscribe. 🙂

  • PETE

    the above named person loves free artwork

  • Emily

    hello 🙂

  • Connie


  • JimT

    David, you are amazing.

  • Brian


  • Sandy G.

    Hi. 🙂

  • Pam

    ME! ME! ME!

  • Donna

    Just love this site!!!

  • Wren


  • Magnus Spång

    Hi! Love you!

  • Jason h

    Dude. I love yer stuff

  • Alaina Garman

    What a great idea to promote the new website. 🙂

  • Beth

    Happy Friday!

  • Amanda

    would love some free artwork

  • Hey David,

    I love your work and ministry! Keep doing what you do.

  • Dawn


  • Jennifer Moore

    I love all of your Sophia drawings, admire your cartoons & love how you pose such thought provoking questions, discussions, & comment. I would love to join your new site, because what I’ve seen is awesome, but our funds are too limited right now. However, I am stoked to see all you do!

  • Alex Wible

    Pick me!

  • this made my day.

  • Sandy

    Groovy 🙂

  • John

    Thanks for all you do, David 🙂

  • Love your work.

  • Jake Enns


  • I love the rainbow Christ picture and ALL of the Sophia pictures you do!!!

  • IM UU RU?

  • Hi. I LOVE your Sophia prints, and would just love one! x

  • Ian

    Won’t hurt to give it a shot.

  • A Different Michelle

    Thank you!

  • Jacquie

    Yes please.

  • Sweet! How could I resist commenting this week? =)

  • Helen Gray

    I just love Sophia

  • Susan

    Would love one of your prints. I’m already subscribed to your newsletter … are you only eligible if you are newly subscribed? Love your cartoons and honest thoughts …

  • Harold Hughes

    comment. Love your stuff, David.

  • Chuck Jarvis

    Is it too late?

  • Meg

    Thank you again David

  • Bridget Wilson Hall

    Think I’ve loved every picture of your I’ve seen!

  • Nansie Ike

    Thanks for breaking the boxes!

  • MVH

    Hellooooooooooooooo! 🙂

  • Generous you are!!

  • Melinda Zobel

    Yes, please!

  • Keeping my fingers and toes crossed. Good luck to everyone!

  • Love the Sophia series.

  • mark

    good luck on the new site.

  • tc


  • Joshua Stephens

    I Am Very Interested In Your Work –

  • Christina McCleary


  • I know exactly which piece I’ll pick if I win!!! LOVE your stuff!!!

  • david S

    OOOHHHH ME. please….

  • My wife Pam would really love this…. So I’ll throw my hat in for Sophia.

  • Joe

    Hi and Thank You

  • Cheryl Parris

    Hi personally I would like to give either O Church or Father Forgive as a parting gift to the Church I serve and will sooner or later transition from. But I would keep it as a memory of them.

  • Martha

    Hi! I still love the Sophia drawing with the rhino! I’m already signed up for the newsletter…

  • brettact2

    Hi Dave, great idea.

  • Craig

    Hello and thank you very much for all of your emails as well as being who you are for the people. It is a great thing to wake and check my email and see one from you every day
    Many thanks always

  • Hi Cheryl Parris: You won the print and the free one month membership to davidhayward. I’m excited for you! I’m looking forward to you participating in the new site as well. We’ll get you set up. I’ll need your mailing address so I can send you the print of your choice…. which is?????

  • Thanks everyone for commenting. Over 100 people entered! Amazing.

    I just want to encourage you to sign up for my new site … there’s really exciting things happening over there. For just $7/month you might just find exactly what you need and what you’ve been looking for!

  • Jacquie

    Congratulations to you Cheryl Parris, on your success, winning the Sophia print and especially the one-month free membership on the new website.

    I will look forward to welcoming you to the site as soon as you are able to get the gift membership sorted with David. It’s a wonderful opportunity to share and learn from each other.