hearing from God restricted

hearing from God restricted October 16, 2012

hear from god cartoon drawing by david hayward nakedpastor

(I made the cartoon better by removing the words. More powerful I think.)

Well, some might believe this to be true.

But those who love know it’s not.

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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • A Different Michelle

    Oh, I love this one!

  • Great illustration. I wonder if they are listening in stereo or mono though. 🙂

  • Funny…I don’t hear the Word of God while I’m at the dry cleaners…or at the park…or at the grocery store…or at a rock concert…or at the movies…or lying in my bed…

    but I do hear it, every Sunday, from the pulpit of the church I attend. And, on top of that I get to receive the visible Word, in the Lord’s Supper.

    It’s actually a pretty good deal, and one that I have yet to find outside of the church doors.

    Where two or three are gathered in His name…well, that is a church also. Even if it’s in a park.

  • shelly

    If you can’t hear Jesus (he is the “Word of God”, not the Bible!) speak to you outside the four walls of a church building, you’re putting him in a box, not to mention putting him in a straitjacket.

  • steve i’m so sorry. that sounds absolutely terrible.

  • Gary

    Steve that is one of the saddest posts I have seen you make yet.

  • Terrible? Huh..

    Do you find the truth terrible?

    Is there someplace else where you go to hear the Word of God and receive the Supper that He commanded that we receive?

    Terrible. Give me a break.

  • Oh …I get it. Wait a minute…

    How’s this?

    ‘Everything is great! Hunkey dory! There’s no God that reallyt cares about anything of importance. No real justice…so no real judgement. Tell the preachers to go to hell and just have fun! Believe what you want and do what you want! We are no more valuable to God than the squirrels and the cockroaches and catfish. Just make up whatever you’d like reality to be!

    How’d I do?

    I think that fits in here a bit better. It’s not so terrible.

  • Gary

    You know exactly what we mean Steve…even without making a complete ass of yourself.

    To believe you ONLY hear the “Word of God” (whatever you mean by that) in the church is crippling, emotionally stunted, enslaving, abusive, and downright false when heaped upon the head of others. You are part of the controlling and enslaving system of the church…you have made that abundantly clear.

  • I know you don’t have to be in “Church” to hear God. I hear Him much better in my private prayer time. However, I do still hear Him in Church and what’s more I get a shared experience others in His body. And yes, like Steve said, I get to partake in His divinity in the Eucharist. As a Catholic I believe all believers are a part of the mystical body of Christ, the Church, and you shouldn’t separate yourself from that. I need the Eucharist. I need Reconciliation. While I know God can touch us any and everyplace, He does so in a much more special way in these and other sacraments. I know I am probably about to get blasted by the ex-catholics and doubters, but I don’t just believe these things, I know them based on experience. No person could ever hurt me so much to ever keep me from Church. Sure people can be mean and ugly. Clergy can be corrupt or neglectful. But I am not going to let them come between me and God. That is letting anger, resentment, and hate come between you and ultimate love.

  • BW

    Steve, why do you bother to come on the site? You know it doesn’t fit with your Lutheranism…I think you just come to antagonize.

  • Trevor

    I think Steve is saying that the Word of God is clearest from the pulpit from the church he attends. Suddenly our open minded forum is not so open minded.

  • BW

    It is the tone in which Steve posts Trevor. He has a pattern of throwing out his very biased opinion and pushing buttons and then getting very defensive when challenged.

  • I concur with NP there when he says that is terrible. An experience of Jesus which is so limited as to only occur in a building set aside for that purpose… If Steve doesn’t hear the the Word of God at the movies, or at the park, or at the grocery store then such is to be lamented as terrible. At least as, if not more, terrible than not hearing in a building supposedly set aside for such a purpose (I believe Steve’s church is one in which he does hear it, from his accounts).

    As for myself, I struggle to find a ‘church in a building’ in which I experience a meaningful, conscious Lord’s Supper. (Everyone say ‘Awww, that’s terrible’). Thankfully I know some folk for who it IS important and we can share in a park, at a movie, even, potentially, at a grocery store.

  • Jacob

    NakedPastor, would you please draw me a dry cleaners and a park and a grocery store a rock concert, a movie house and a bed, with earphones on, because I feel so left out here. If you don’t I will never come back to this site, ever again. Never. Btw, throw in some letters soup with that so I can see the edible sorry visible word of God too while I’m eating, yes?? Hey Steve, I love you man, God loves you too, much more than I ever can. Do you know He actually had a relationship with the people we read about in the Bible. Try seeing the Bible as an account of the relationships God had with those folks. Then you’ll realize the Bible is a Biography. God’s word is His Word. Do you think you will be able to have a relationship with Father if some radical hellbent dictator takes your Bible away? I’ve asked myself these questions and suddenly realized God is not a book, He is God. Peace Brother!

  • you feel left out jacob? sorry. 🙁

  • Jacob

    Not really, trying to make a point. Okay so you win, I’ll visit your site again. Hoping Steve M will get a breakthrough. If God could set me free He can set anyone free…

  • BW

    But Jacob, Steve thinks he is the free-est of them all… Just ask him.

  • Gary

    @Trevor – “Suddenly our open minded forum is not so open minded.”

    You mean like when someone promotes the view that God can ONLY be heard inside the walls of a church? Yeah…you’re not going to find too many people here terribly open to that view. LOL

    It is precisely the view most of us have fled.

  • Caryn LeMur

    I was not born and raised in a church; but my wife was. Whilst I have never seen the necessity of the building; my wife deeply believes the building is part of the package.

    At one point in time, we attended a Vineyard church, because Bonnie (my wife) was feeling very disconnected from God. I asked the pastor permission to attend (I am transsexual, after all), and he allowed my attendance.

    Over time, Bonnie healed emotionally and spiritually – just by attending on Sundays, worshipping with others, and feeling ‘back home’. We attended from April 2010 to July 2011.

    So, I think I understand Steve and Prayer Punk a bit. And it is OK. The brick-and-mortar structure may matter deeply, and be part of the package that helps you grow spiritually. May our Lord Jesus bless you within the church-structured.

    I met with the Vineyard pastor a few times during our visit. He would offer some thoughts; I would offer scriptures. He was puzzled, after all, I was a ‘Samaritan’, and yet knew the Word of God better than he.

    I was also (at that time) a pastor/evangelist that met with the Latino day workers and shared Christ and food with them – illegal or not; out of prison or hiding from the law; gang member or not. Later, I moved my area away from the Latinos and into the homeless camps in the woods.

    Part of the reason the Vineyard pastor shattered in our relationship is shown in this cartoon by David. He truly believed that he was the leadership, and that he alone heard from the Holy Spirit of God. He believed that he should be a gatekeeper and pace-setter… and I simply did whatever the Spirit asked me to do. He assumed that I would heal of transsexualism; I assumed that I would follow Jesus, and leave the healing (if any) to Him and His timing.

    Steve and PP, I am glad the church-structured works for you (and for others). But think of how rich the church universal would be if we allowed the church-structured to work with, bless, and not attempt to hinder the church-unstructured? It would be Acts 13 and Acts 14 all over again, with people turning the world upside down for Christ.

    Much love in Christ always and unconditionally; Caryn

  • Syl

    Steve, did you really mean to say:

    “Funny…I don’t hear the Word of God while I’m at the dry cleaners…or at the park…or at the grocery store…or at a rock concert…or at the movies…or lying in my bed…” ???

    You don’t hear from, communicate with, receive guidance from, gain inspiration from, or commune with God in those settings? Is God not with you at all times and in all places? Does he not speak to you in many ways besides audibly spoken words, in many places and in many situations?

    Don’t make the mistake of thinking those questions are prompted by some “do your own thing” new-agey attitude – as a born-again spirit-filled biblical literalist I would have asked those questions of you – and been concerned for your spiritual state if you were indeed saying what you seemed to be saying. Back in the day I would have added you to my prayer list…

    And it, by “hear the Word of God” you literally mean hearing scripture quoted and/or taught, my first thought is that an iPod can fix that problem – but my feeling is that you sell both God and yourself short.

  • jacob

    @BW It’s okay, we were all where Steve was and might I add I still ain’t anywhere yet. We’re on a journey, some further than others toward truth/enlightenment call it what you like. I believe the challenge is staying challenged. question what you believe and give others some space. I haven’t arrived either. Still moving along this path with God, but open-minded.

  • Art

    Steve, Rather than concerning yourself with Not hearing the Word of God at the dry cleaners…or at the park…or at the grocery store…or at a rock concert…or at the movies…or lying in my bed…, Frankly it is my expressed opinion that if you are Not that is entirely your own fault, especially in bed,don’t you Read the Word? But on the other hand, you should be at those other places Sharing the Word of God.
    sorry I just had to toss that out there…