heavenly homosexuals

heavenly homosexuals December 7, 2012
heavenly homosexuals cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
“Heavenly Homosexuals” (ink on paper, 8″x8″)

(Many original cartoon drawings and prints are available, including this one! Email me if interested. Original drawings are $100 and prints are $25 plus shipping.)

I want to welcome you to a community that’s forming over at the Lasting Supper. Most are people who have left the church for various reasons… some felt intellectually constricted; some felt controlled; some were living a sexuality that wasn’t acceptable to the church; some ran into conflict; some experienced abuse; some are going through radical theological change and no longer subscribed to it; some became agnostics; some became atheists; and some didn’t leave the church and are struggling to find meaningful reasons to stay; and some are Buddhists or Baha’i or something else; and some are lonely; and some are… well, you get the point. Anyway, come over. No pressure. This is just an invite.

Like this cartoon, all are welcome!

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  • Gary

    My wife and I are presently facing a very hurtful rejection by a family member (including loss of access to our grand kids) by my pharisee like daughter and her husband. We were told we were rejected because of many biblical principles and not showing Christ’s love. How’s that for the irony statement of the year award? In truth we have turned the other cheek for two years and treated them with kindness following vicious attacks 3 years ago for the sake of our grand kids. We presently realize she is mentally unstable…the cause is likely a church induced sickness.

    Perhaps it is because of such unjust pain in my own life I am more in tune to the unjust attacks on “those homosexuals”.

    Excellent David. Truly thought provoking.

  • Heavenly indeed! Love it!

  • Gary as a Gay Christian I’m surprised by the straight people that feel rejection from the “Christians”, even divorcees, those who cannot have children naturally to name but a few, you’ll not be surprised to know I’m sure you’re not on your own and I as a gay person who puts up with this, even from the leadership of my own church (Bishops), stand with you and your wife.

  • beautiful paul.

  • Gary

    Paul…thank you. Against such unjust oppression we can stand together.

  • “Group Hug!”

  • David Waters

    Don’t forget to mention you gotta PAY to get in.

  • ickkkk! no group hugs.
    Fantastic David — really brilliant again!
    I am sure the fellow will find many like-minded folks wherever he is going! 😉

  • An interesting kind of exclusivity this leads to, David – the only people not in heaven are conservative evangelicals…;-)

  • Actually, who is the exclusivist? The one who refuses to go in.

  • Oh no, here you go again David. Get over it already.

  • Patti Crawford

    Actually, I’ve always thought that their “hell” was going to be finding us there when they get there.

    This is Brilliant!

  • Randy Woehl

    Two days in a row, absolutly Brilliant!! Bravo!!! Always love your thought provoking cartoons, in one frame. Thankyou. I had to share them both.

  • cass

    I received the rejection from Christians because I was struggling with depression. I was told depression is profound selfishness. and why was I depressed? Bc my beleif systems were crumbling and I knew I didnt belong anymore, and bc of the emptyness I saw, and then to top it off Im condemned for bein depressed by the belief system that caused the depression….sheesh…

  • Kris

    This reminds of the joke where a Black man and White man are seated next to one another in the coach section of the plane and the White man has a fit that about where he has been seated. So the stewardness apologizes and gives the Black man a seat in first class.

  • I don’t think that’s a joke. I saw a video of it. Apparently true story.

  • I’m calling BS! Those gates don’t look like pearl! They look more like the gates I see on West Texas Ranches! Heaven better not be some great big country hoedown or I’m not going in!

  • PrayerPunk: Who said you were going in? (sorry, had to! 😉

  • Fine! I’ll hang out in Purgatory, I hear they have dubstep and glow lights!

  • Kris

    Note to self: Watch more YouTube lol

  • Linda

    I received this comment after posting cartoon.
    “Cute cartoon, but… 1 Corinthians 6: 9-10.”
    Any response?

  • Ya. There’s no bible in the cartoon.

  • oh… and good for you! i know it takes some guts for some people to risk posting one of my cartoons. applause!

  • kristy

    Wow…that’s so perfect.

  • Gary

    Linda, You can attempt to educate as to how homosexual as we understand it today is a recent and very improper translation in that verse and others like it. Sadly most of that mindset are closed to reasoning and all you can do is ignore or separate from them.

  • Bonnie

    love it!!!

  • BW

    “Sadly most of that mindset are closed to reasoning and all you can do is ignore or separate from them.”

    It is so true Gary and I am only now discovering this. It has been shocking to me that some folks are willing to turn off logic and just blindly believe.

  • shelly

    @Linda, there’s an hour(ish)-long video on Youtube wherein a guy debunks all the arguments against homosexuality using scripture. You may want to check that out and link to that. (Or you can direct the person to soulforce(dot)org’s piece called “What The Bible Says — And Doesn’t Say — About Homosexuality”.)

  • @Linda – thanks for highlighting those verses. I had a look at the rather conservative commentary in my NIV bible, and was intrigued to find this remark on v9: “People who engage in such practises…are explicitly excluded from God’s kingdom” followed by this remark on v10: “God, however, does save and sanctify people like those described above”. So that’s clear then 🙂 (Sings the Hokey Cokey: “In, out, in, out, shake it all about…”)

  • Caryn LeMur


    The shortest answer to I Cor 6, is “you are right! That is what the Bible says over and over again, especially in the New Testament! Yes!” Then, add some of the following:

    – The NT writers look at those in heaven, and see only individuals in ‘white robes’ that were ‘washed’;

    – The NT writers look at those not in heaven, and see them ‘naked’ (without robes), and therefore they see them ‘explicitly’… but not as hairy chests, fat tummies, or naked private parts… but rather as ‘sexually immoral, idolaters, adulterers, male prostitutes, homosexual offenders, thieves, the greedy, drunkards, slanderers, swindlers, etc.’

    [There is possibly a touch of humor in this view – they are naked, and perhaps drunkenly think otherwise, and are therefore like the village fool…! However, it is more likely an allusion to the habit of a conquering nation stripping the survivors of a city totally nude, and leave them totally exposed as captives, and perhaps to be sold later, as slaves.]

    So, no problem with the verse, or with similar verses.

    Granted, the cartoon implied that the man at the pearly gates could see through the robes (of those in heaven)… but that is not an NT viewpoint…. but hey, it is a cartoon that is designed to generate thought and discussion, right?

    So, here is Paul the Apostle, writing… Paul has seen those ‘naked’ people that are not in the kingdom of God, and states their nakedness in explicit terms: “sexually immoral, idolaters, adulterers, homosexual offenders… greedy, drunks, slanderers…”.

    Paul then reminds the Corinthian believers, ““And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.”

    Them naked; you clothed.

    So, there is no problem with the verse as it is written. The two views are just that – two views. One view is explicit; the other is of clothed people.

    Hope this helps.

    Much love in Christ always and unconditionally; Caryn

  • Caryn LeMur

    Just to add a thought or two:

    There are some believers that hold to the concept that you can lose your salvation. [Most evangelicals reject this concept immediately.]

    Therefore, they wonder what may cause them to lose heaven and gain hell. In the space of that void, they most often create a list of ‘sins’ that will cause a person to lose their salvation.

    They normally add the term “on-going” as a qualifier (sins that are on-going cause loss of salvation, but a one-night moment of sin does not).

    They normally add the term “external” to the sin – thus a greedy attitude will not send you from heaven to hell, but an on-going series of greedy ‘actions’ will cause you to lose your salvation.

    They may also add other qualifiers: big sins (cardinal); little sins (venial); sins of choice; sins of ommission; sins against nature; etc.

    Their reasoning ranges from silly to very well thought-through.

    So, in their mind, I Cor 5’s list, I Cor 6’s list, Galatians list, etc…. are all reasons that ‘you’ or “I” may lose eternal life and go to hell.

    In every case; I say it again, in every case… I have found these systems of belief to be exclusionary, and/or power/manipulation based, and/or fear-driven.

    The gospel message is not exclusionary – “Whomsoever will…” is a profound statement.

    The church is not about some combination of power and manipulation – “The greatest is the servant of all…”

    The relationship with Christ – that lasts for a lifetime – may begin in fear, but must progress to love – “Now abides faith, hope, and love … but the greatest is love.” and “God has not given us a spirit of fear…”

    Thus, if you wish to keep a friendship with a believer that holds to ‘a homosexual will lose their salvation’ – see if you can sense what drives him/her to be exclusive, or in need of a power/manipulation relationship, or in need of a fear-based faith and fear-based relationship with God.

    If you can see beneath the rhetoric, you’ll often find someone with deep wounds. Then, ask our Father for insight to some healing words, a healing phrase, or perhaps one small scripture… and softly share that with him/her. Over and over again, gently apply the balm.

    The rhetoric is seldom the issue. The doctrine seldom matters. We need to look deeper.

    Much love in Christ always and unconditionally; Caryn