an abusive apology

an abusive apology January 19, 2013

an abusive apology cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
“An Abusive Apology” by David Hayward (nakedpastor)

Let’s deconstruct this “apology”:

  1. He doesn’t apologize as a human being, a man with a heart, but as a pastor, already positioning himself in a superior role over his victim.
  2. He plays the “authority” card, implying that he has the authority to do whatever he thinks is best for his people.
  3. This is his church. Not hers. She really doesn’t have any rights or say.
  4. By the end of his apology he is only “sorry” that this is an unfortunate situation… for him!
  5. She “feels” this way, meaning that she isn’t being logical, that she’s being a typical woman who only thinks with her feelings, and therefore invalidates what he really did to her.
  6. It’s only “apparent” that he abused her. It’s not a fact. Just appearances that have been misinterpreted.
  7. He really doesn’t believe in the concept of spiritual abuse. Therefore the air quotes.
  8. She obviously has a complaint, so he does have an unfortunate situation on his hands that he has to remedy quickly because she could talk to others and spread her poisonous lies.
  9. He invites her to leave. Invites means that he isn’t making her, but it’s already clear that he’s the boss and she really doesn’t have a choice. It’s a “Here’s your hat what’s your hurry?” kind of invitation.
  10. She must leave. She’s a Jezebel. And, like Jezebel, the biblical thing to do is throw her out the window to her spiritual death and let the dogs eat her. In other words, he’s handing her over to Satan to be disciplined. Very biblical.

I like the woman. She’s no dummy. She’s feisty! She’s pissed. And she should be! She’s come to her senses and is taking his invitation.

She’s going to start a blog.

(You know what’s cool? She reminds me of all the women on The Lasting Supper! Actually, she’s a member!)

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