painting “cold crow” and meditation on loneliness

painting “cold crow” and meditation on loneliness January 25, 2013
cold crow watercolor painting by nakedpastor david hayward
“Cold Crow” (watercolor & ink, 10″x14″, by David Hayward)

When you start speaking out for yourself… self-validating… you will be met with surprise. I knew when I started being honest about who I was and what I believed and didn’t believe, I knew full well what the consequences were going to be.

I was going to be left out in the cold.

But it came at the perfect point when I was finally willing to pay the price. There does come a time when you realize that if you don’t advocate for yourself, you will consign yourself to a lifetime of regret and sorrow.

Better to experience occasional loneliness than be estranged from yourself!

You can buy this painting HERE.

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  • Very cool! I can feel that wind.

  • Pat

    Amen! You are who you have to live with the rest of your life and you are who you have to look at it in the mirror each day. Better to at peace with yourself than with others if it means compromising yourself and all that you hold dear.

  • Sheila

    It’s beautiful and melancholy at the same time!

  • LOVING this look