so Jesus and the Easter Bunny walk into a bar

so Jesus and the Easter Bunny walk into a bar March 31, 2013
jesus and the easter bunny walk into a bar cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
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I appreciate Derrida’s notion about a gift. He says it’s one thing to give a gift expecting something in return. That’s the lowest form of gift. A better form of a gift is when you give a gift expecting nothing in return. An even better form of a gift is when you give a gift and the recipient doesn’t even know you gave it to them. But the highest form of a gift is when the giver doesn’t even know it was given.

That sounds like the best definition of grace, doesn’t it? It sounds kind of like, “There’s no need to apologize!” It sounds kind of like, “Forgive you? Of course! I didn’t even think about it!” It sounds kind of like, “I’ve never not loved you!”

Happy Easter my friends!

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  • I made a sad discovery today. I hid real easter eggs over the yard. My daughter was disappointed. She wanted the plastic ones with candy — and I thought it was the hunt she enjoyed. She only wanted the candy inside.

    As I see pretty people parading to churches today . . .

  • David, I was laughing even before I saw the comic. The title alone got me! Good one!

  • I love Derrida and his great aporias of the gift, hospitality and forgiveness. His discussions about the impossible-possibilities are of great insight.

  • Ciera

    What if the cross was God’s way of saying, “I had no idea the pressure I was putting on you kids! I’m so sorry, consider it all forgiven!” ??????

  • Adam Julians

    Thanks – enjoyed the cartoon and your thoughts. 🙂

  • Carol

    I had to share this one with my friends.

  • thanks carol!

  • Worthless Beast

    The sad thing is, I think this notion “love for what you do for me” holds true for all people – everywhere. Even the best of us make demands, sometimes unreasonable, upon the people that we “love” because part of love become selfish, at least part of the time. I’m not sure there’s any way to really get away from it, either… given human and animal nature, geared to use our connections to survive. I’ve learned as a (mediocre, not successful) artist, even, that most people in this world would prefer “art without the artist.”

    We can try to do better, I just don’t know how capable of it we are.

  • that’s a sobering but i think accurate reflection worthless beast. thanks.

  • “Like!” Funny, but not funny if you know what I mean. I laughed anyway. 😀

    Happy Easter!

  • Carol

    That is why the heart of the Gospel is not perfection, but “forgiveness” which fills the gap between the “is” and the “ought.”

  • Worthless Beast

    I really do feel kind of bad for being a downer… I tend to see things through depression-colored lenses much of the time, comes with my condition. I think crazy people see a lot of truth sometimes, and sometimes being able to see the truth is what defines one as crazy. I don’t know. I just had a recent experience that bought to light how much I tend to use the ones I love without even realizing it – until one of them speaks up and makes me realize it, of course. At the same time, I feel like some people really want to change who I fundamentally am because I’m not “getting better” fast enough for them or am the person they reallywant me to be.

    It’s not just people, it’s even how nature works. I was fishing yesterday, putting bait on a hook and speaking to the creek “Here, fishies, food for you because I hope for you to become food for me…”

  • Trevor

    I think Jesus probably had a Corona and EB ordered a chocolate porter.

  • Carol

    W.B., it is how autonoumous/deterministic nature works. Grace [the humanly mediated Presence of God] has the potential to break the karmic cycle of survivalist cruelty and pain.

    Individualistic, short term interests and universal human values tend to conflict. Communal, long term interests and universal human values tend to converge. We are just beginning to see a quantum leap forward in human consciousness where the Big Picture is coming into focus in the minds of many people. The evolutionary theory of Punctuated Equilibrium seems to apply to the human consciousness as well as biological adaptation.

    Teilhard deChardin, Jesuit priest and evolutionary scientist, had a vision of the evolution of a universal Christ-consciousness within our species. There is a global spiritual movement occuring that seems to give support to his faith in that certain hope.

    “Man only progresses by slowly elaborating from age to age the essence and the totality of a universe deposited within him.” ~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881 – 1955)

    “The future belongs to those who give the next generation reason to hope.”– Teilhard de Chardin

    “Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.” –Teilhard de Chardin