the church and herding cats

the church and herding cats March 22, 2013

the church and herding cats cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

This cartoon was inspired by a friend of mine, Richard, who commented on one of my sheep cartoons this week by saying that he was more like a cat. Bingo!

Right now I have a dog. I have had cats in the past. You can control a dog. You can’t control a cat. You relate to a dog on your terms. You relate to a cat on theirs.

When I pastored a local church, this is often what it looked and felt like. Herding cats. Then one day I realized that’s okay. People are allowed to be the way they are. On their terms.

It’s kitty chaos. But that’s life. Embrace it!

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  • Adam Julians

    Yeah pretty much like that with the ski group I organise too. I used that very phrase one of the times I was on a trip wiht the group recently. So long as they don’t bite and scratch I dont mind 🙂

    have you seen this?

  • Pat Pope

    It’s okay until they start to claw the furniture despite your best efforts to get them to stop that destructive behavior.

  • David: I love the herding cats scenario. Your right. Cats do what they do and there really isn’t much we can do to change their minds. Yet..even amongst all that frustration we find ourselves loving them regardless of the difference in opinion of what we, their owners, believe a good kitty should be and do.

  • Wayne R

    What?? Sheep Week is over and no goats? Come on sheep and goats. Don’t make me get my Bible out.

  • the week is over wayne, but the day is not 😉

  • I love the cartoon. It shows the reality of what the followers of Jesus were like in his day and what the church should be today.

  • Oh my God! This is awesome! I am definitely the cat herder… I love cats! =:-D

  • In my ideal congregation, the congregants are sheep to the Good Shepherd – and cats to me, the pastor. I’d much rather have a bunch of independent thinkers challenging everything I say than a bunch of people trusting me to be right all the time!