welcome to Sheep Week

welcome to Sheep Week March 18, 2013
sheep week cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
“Sheep Week” (by nakedpastor, David Hayward)

I thought it would be fun to launch “Sheep Week”… a play on “Shark Week”… a whole week devoted to cartoons about sheep.

Although the analogy of sheep and shepherd has served a purpose in the past, and even though some aspects of the metaphor still work, it has generally lost its appeal. Sheep are stupid followers and that doesn’t work for most people anymore.

However, this week I’m going to focus on drawing and showing my sheep cartoons because… well… they make me chuckle and think, and maybe they’ll do that for you too.

Be afraid. Be veeeeeeeeeeery afraid!


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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • Baaaaaaaaaah: So looking forward to a little huffing and puffing and blowing sheep folds down.

  • Adam Julians

    How about instead of sheep being littel piggies singing who’s afraid of the big bad wolf 🙂

  • “Sheep are stupid followers and that doesn’t work for most people anymore.”

    Most people don’t know much about sheep. And most people are too proud to admit that they will follow their appetites right off the edge of a cliff. (or too stupid to realize that it is true)

  • I’m already excited! Baaaaa.

  • Syl

    Gee whiz, no baaaad pun senses of humor? I thought the comics would be flocking here!

  • Shary Hauber

    Not all sheep. Have you seen Shaun the Sheep? 🙂

  • ccws

    OH NOES! It’s the dreaded DEMONSHEEP!! Whose campaign ad was that a couple of years ago, Carly Fiorina’s? The thing went viral on YouTube and (at)demonsheep was big on Twitter for quite a while. LOL!

  • Great topic! We commission art, music etc on the Bible and last year we focused on sheep passages for a month. I said to a friend, well, we’ll only do a month, because how much can you really do on sheep? He said Jesus spent a whole lifetime on sheep. Ha! Sure enough….
    Thought you might enjoy a couple pieces from that month. Happy sheeping.
    Painting: http://www.sparkandecho.org/from-the-north-seth-ruggles-hiler/
    Song: http://www.sparkandecho.org/do-you-love-me/

  • James

    Hey David.
    This is an interesting take on the sheep analogy and i think appropriate to be skewered. I saw your other one about the fattened sheep!!! Yeowch. I agree that this has been abusive but what of the shepherd? I think this is a helpful picture in comparison to the more violent images of God in the Old Testament. Or is it not?