eat the meat and spit out the bones

eat the meat and spit out the bones April 29, 2013
eat the meat and spit out the bones cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
“Eat the Meat and Spit Out the Bones”

Yes I know. Sometimes there’s way more bones than meat. Sometimes you might feel like you’re picking through a very bony fish for the odd little sliver of meat. You’re burning more calories getting the food than you’re gaining by eating it. It might be so bad that you feel like Ezekiel in the valley of dry bones. No meat anywhere. You actually wonder, “Why bother?!”

If you’re listening to a teacher that is teaching meat and you get the odd bone, for heaven’s sake stay.

If you’re listening to a teacher that is teaching fluff and you get the odd gem, it might be worth it.

But if you’re listening to a teacher that is teaching hateful harmful hurtful stuff, shoving sharp bones down your throat, I say get out! Who would willingly expose themselves to toxic fumes because they are told they should? No one. Get the heck out of there! Quit! Walk!

No one has the right to make you listen to something. No one has the right to make you smell something. No one has the right to make you feel something. No one has the right to make you watch something. No one has the right to make you eat something. It’s your body with your senses. Use your senses to serve your body and be a healthier person, inside and out.

It is your prerogative to choose what to read, what to watch and what to listen to. Guess what! Those ears on your head: they’re yours! No one else’s. They belong to you. And they are attached to your brain! Your brain! No one else’s. And those feet at the bottom of your legs? They are what will walk you away from toxic teaching. That’s what they’re for. They were made so that you could flee if you had to. Flee! Flee feet! Flee feet fast!

Eat the meat and spit out the bones.

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  • disqus_IpsDSCQeps

    With NAR, you are getting mostly bones and choking. You don’t even realize it until the paramedics are giving you CPR. Thank God for the paramedics who have the courage to come in and give CPR!!!

  • Ang D

    With NAR, you are getting mostly bones and choking. You don’t even realize it until the paramedics are giving you CPR. Thank God for the paramedics who have the courage to come in and give CPR!!!

  • Great advice! This can be especially hard when you are in a place that you’ve been for a long time, but it can still be necessary.

  • Adam Julians


    I hear echoes of what the apostle Paul is recorded of saying Timothy regarding flase teachings. 1st Tim reads in Ch1:

    5 The goal of this command is love, which comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith. 6 Some have departed from these and have turned to meaningless talk.
    “18 Timothy, my son, I am giving you this command in keeping with the prophecies once made about you, so that by recalling them you may fight the battle well,

    That’s a compliment :).

    I remember listening to such idiotic nonsense as in the speech bubble. And being treated with favour as long as I sat down listened, was good and well behaved. I was even told I have a “prophetic anointing” by same pastor. A few years down the line someone from the front of the church says there is someone here who has lost their voice and that this person is meant to shine.

    I met with the pastor the following day and had a 2 hour conversation with them. Funnily enough when he didn’t like what I had to say, he backtracked about what he had previously mentioned about the prophetic anointing. I wonder why that would have happened. Can anybody help me out on that?

    Anyway, decided to leave after that and on the following Sunday on saying good bye to everyone at the church, someone came to me and said she had a vision for me. It was of an acorn. Unknown to her, the acorn was the emblem of the squadron I joined in the Air Force. The motto of the squadron was “non plerique delicaturi” which means “few are chosen”.

    If you are reading this and feeling alone in your church, that the pastor is against you and you have this still small voice within that is opposed to what your pastor is saying then take heart. It could be that the loneliness you feel is the consequence of an awareness that comes from being tuned into God. It takes courage to step out into that when the crowd is going in a different direction. Often the reward for that is derision and marginalisation.

  • sma9231961

    God’s law is meant to expose you. You need it. I need it. Many don’t like it but I believe there is real freedom in hearing the truth about yourself…that being that we don’t love God and our neighbors as ourselves. That we are sinners who don’t want to stop sinning and that we need a Savior to free us from this stuckness.

    Hard to hear. Great to hear.

  • I hear a lot of stories about very overtly abusive church environments. I can’t say that I’ve ever experienced one as overt as the one in the cartoon, but I think there’s an environment that is possibly even more harmful and dangerous than the one above. It’s the environment where the message is subtle, manipulative and quietly controlling. This is where I believe most churches operate today. Predominantly, the abuse is disguised, and those who perpetuate it don’t even realize their taking part in it, because they’re simply repeating what they’ve always been told. Todays Bible teacher is a master of words and their message is convincing, but their message is based on an incomplete understanding of the Bible and the role the finished work of Christ plays in the historic context of the Bible. Theirs is a message of God’s law, sprinkled with a little bit of Christ’s grace. It is a message of “Christ died for you, so you better get yourself straight and start performing, because God is angry when you…and God hates those who…and God wants you to perform, or else he won’t…”

    For many people, something in these message stinks, but since the smell is so subtle and everyone else seems to be oblivious to it, they stick around and endure more and more abuse at the hands of the ignorant ones who believe God has placed them there to lead them, because they can’t bring themselves to believe that all of these people could be wrong and that possibly, just possibly, the Holy Spirit is calling them apart to something different; something real; something truly HOLY!

  • Guest

    How’s it working for you so far? (The law)
    And also, why don’t you ‘want to stop’ sinning?

  • Dove

    Good advice if you’re a adult, but pity the teenagers and the children who are forced to listen to sermons like that, and can’t escape.

    If you’re reading this, kids, it gets better.

  • This sounds like you’ve only gotten half of Lutheran theology. The law is, as you wrote, meant to expose you. BUT, the gospel then frees you with the knowledge that DESPITE all that, God still loves you…. just as you are. “Love God and sin boldly!” (M.Luther) Churches that only teach salvation without teaching from what you are being saved err on the side of fluff. Churches that teach law without gospel err or the side of abuse. The goal is to teach both and show how gospel trumps law in the final equation.

  • Worthless Beast

    Any advice for those of us who feel an incessant need to make artwork out of the bones?
    Eh… the metaphorical bones your pastor is full of are… more like nasty little fish bones that stab the throat and cannot actually be made into anything beautiful (bleach bath dissolves them too easy and they fall apart, unlike robust cow skulls).
    Still inedible.