suspect shepherds

suspect shepherds April 7, 2013

suspect shepherds cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Again, I’m a fan of Gordan Ramsay. I like his shows and I like his website!

I saw this picture and I was immediately struck by the irony of it. We all know what Ramsay’s planning on doing to this little lamb. I love lamb. Ramsay loves lamb. But he’s a chef. Chef’s cook lambs. Soon enough this little lamb is going to be converted… into meat.

There are vegetarian chefs and vegan chefs. The lamb would be safer with them.

I remind my readers that not all pastors devour their sheep. There are good pastors out there. Do you know one? But there are also pastors that would come across like the above picture. At first the relationship looks all cute and sweet and friendly and tender. But inevitably the inevitable happens.

Sheep perish. The cute is over.

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  • The problem with this analogy is that the lamb has been bred for the purposes of being food. Without the imminent demise, this entire flock would probably not be alive.

    I suppose this is where the shepherd analogy breaks down. A shepherds flock are always tended and looked after for the purposes of being eaten, otherwise the time and effort put into them is not justified – something that was as true in biblical times as today.

    The problem with vegetarian shepherds – and as a veggie myself, I would far rather the lamb was not eaten – is that all it means is someone else will benefit from the care.

    Or maybe I am reading too much into this….

  • Teri Lawrence

    Or the lamb has been bred for it wool….

  • not on the shoulders of gordon ramsay 😉

  • Steelwheels

    How do you define ‘pastor’? Scripture? Or Tradition? When you say ‘good’ pastors where and how do you define good? Where does your standard come from?

  • Thanks for your questions Steerwheels. Good ones. What it should be understood from the context of what I’m saying is that a good pastor is one who doesn’t hurt people.

  • Steelwheels

    Okay, but I don’t get this idea that the ‘pastor’ has some authority in the ‘church’. (I use church here in the body of Christ sense not the institutional sense). Christ is the head/leader not a pastor. It’s His vision we should be following, not the ‘leadership team’. It make me sick to see what tradition has done. It’s like an embalming process, dead on the inside but made to look alive on the outside.

  • that’s a lovely idea you have in your mind, but as you and i both know it is seldom realized

  • Steelwheels

    Thanks Dave, there are like minded followers of Jesus out there. I’ve bailed out of the institutional structure and the traditional, non-biblical, definitions so many have come to despise. The house church movement that is, ever so slowly, growing in America has been flourishing around the globe for a long time, especially in Asia. It really is exciting to see it being realized! Don’t give up, there is a remnant!

  • Ya I hear things. But I don’t subscribe to remnant theology very much. can be as exclusive as those who are in power.

  • Steelwheels

    I don’t know about remnant theology. I use the term like the O.T. where there was always a faithful few amid a disobedient and stubborn Israel.

    I guess the church* is exclusive in the sense that those who are in it are followers of Christ. If you don’t want to be more like Jesus then you probably don’t belong there.

    People in the institutional church only have power because others give them power. I won’t do that. I guess that’s why I’m not a part of that system.

    *not to be confused with the institutional church, especially what you find in America.