how much carpet does Sovereign Grace Ministries have?

how much carpet does Sovereign Grace Ministries have? May 29, 2013
sexual abuse sovereign grace ministries cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
“Swept Under the Carpet” by nakedpastor David Hayward

(***TRIGGER WARNING: sexual abuse***)

I have just one simple question:

Why is the church the biggest offender of covering up sexual abuse?

Sovereign Grace Ministries has so far successfully loopholed itself out many serious charges of sexual abuse and coverups.

Other church leaders step in to lend their support of the ministry and defend the judge’s decision to dismiss the cases.

Read Rachel Held Evans’ post in support of the victims.

The Roman Catholic Church continues its attempts to strengthen internal protocols for accusations of abuse against its priests.

Could the church’s handling of accusations of abuse be the litmus test of its integrity today?

Who does the church protect? The weak or the powerful? The victims or the perpetrators?

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  • cmrk3

    Penn State’s football program also covered up sexual abuse. We are Penn State!

  • The JennCast

    Funny, that the neoreformed leaders had plenty to say about Penn State, but only defend SGM.

  • That whole situation is disgraceful. I don’t understand how their congregation doesn’t just up and leave.

  • klhayes

    Again, Christianity is the status quo….we don’t want to rock the boat when that is exactly what Jesus did.

  • cmrk3

    Yes! Jesus must have been thinking about SGM and Penn State when he said “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?”

  • Adam Julians

    No doubt about it there has been a culure of covering up sexual abuse to which the church has fallen foul. I wouldn’t want to affirm or encourage any belief that the church is the “biggest offender” of covering this up withouth evidence to prove that is the case.

    Aren’t most cases of sexual abuse carried out by family members or people known ot the victim?

    That aside – yes it ia a horrible thing to happen and the consequences for the vistim and their families cannot be understated. I think the church will have to address this isssue when it arises, otherwise clearly its credibility will be affected. A recent case of this having happened has been with a prominent member of the Caltholic Church in Scotland – Cardinal O’Brien

    How to go about this though I wonder? It”s going to take courage on the part of victims and those to whistleblow anyone they know of sexual misconduct. Not easy for any party to do that.